Since we moved to Boston, we have had a the distinct pleasure of getting to know many fabulous wedding professionals. One of those just happens to be Tasha Bracken, Cape Cod and Boston event planner extraordinaire and the woman behind SD Events. She has so many great ideas and the ingenuity to make them happen. A recent favorite would be chalk board tables for a fabulous mitzvah celebration. Plus, she is great to be around. I would totally want her at my event, if not working, then as a guest.

tasha_bill_newton_anniversary_portraits- event planner Tasha Bracken of SD Events- the Simple Details- Cape Cod and Massachusetts

So when Tasha told us that she and Bill were celebrating their anniversary, I knew we had to do something special. They hadn’t had professional portraits taken since the wedding; we immediately thought, “portraits would be a great way to celebrate!” We met up with them at their home in Newton.

It was our first time meeting Bill, and let me just say, he is great! I think he and Dave could have hung out all day talking about the Red Sox. Such boys! And even more importantly, he is clearly still so sweet on his beautiful wife.

Here’s a few of the happy couple.

tasha_bill_newton_anniversary_portraits- cozy and loving couple

tasha_bill_newton_anniversary_portraits- the happy couple

Breaking out with some totally fun goofiness….

tasha_bill_newton_anniversary_portraits- goofing around in newton ma

Hanging out on the back porch.

tasha_bill_newton_anniversary_portraits- back porch in massachusetts

Now into a section of "Favorite Things", aka the best parts of life, or that which Tasha and Bill love.

First off, Mariah, she totally posed for the camera. What a beauty!

tasha_bill_newton_anniversary_portraits- black cat

And Elton, definitely more camera shy, glad Tasha was able to catch him. He’s so handsome.

tasha_bill_newton_anniversary_portraits- with orange cat

His and hers cocktails; getting snuggly in the background.

tasha_bill_newton_anniversary_portraits- snuggling with martini and champagne

Note the Red Sox attire. The couple that cheers together, stays together. 🙂

tasha_bill_newton_anniversary_portraits-red sox fans in ma

Since it was an anniversary session and Tasha looks fabulous, we coaxed her into doing a few in her wedding gown. No surprise, it fit perfectly. Besides, what girl doesn’t want a chance to put on that beautiful white dress just one more time?!


Mariah came back for a repeat performance.

tasha_bill_newton_anniversary_portraits-bride with cat

And one parting image… I love the juxtaposition of Bill in his Red Sox shirt with Tasha all gussied up in her wedding gown! Makes me smile.


We are so thankful to Tasha and Bill for inviting us into their home. We had a really great time with you both!

If you would like to see more, check out their slideshow.