Oh me, oh my. The Boston Park Plaza Hotel is simply fabulous! Last week, I met up with Abby Brennan, their wedding coordinator, and blogger extraordinaire of Peaches by Plum.

boston_park_plaza- boston city view of john hancock buliding

Abby gave me a tour of the event spaces. And they are stunning. Each one has warmth and charm and character galore.

This photo shows off the lobby- can you imagine your guests arriving and walking through here? I love the chandeliers. There is definitely a crystal lighting motif that runs through all of the hotel.

boston_park_plaza- lobby of boston wedding venue

Even the hallways inspire thoughts of old world European elegance. Check out these beautiful murals.

boston_park_plaza- hallway wall paintings for beantown hotel

If you are having a grand affair, the piece d’resistance is the Plaza Ballroom and Imperial Ballroom suite. Your guests could arrive through the main entranceway, shown above or through a private stairwell. They would walk into the Plaza Ballroom, where cocktails are served. And be treated to large beautiful windows, draped in red velvet.

boston_park_plaza- plaza ballroom- wedding space in boston, ma

Wall sconces, gold leaf moldings and bas relief sculptures accent the walls and ceiling.

boston park plaza hotel gold wall decor

Another elegant chandelier. I adore the decoration wear the fixure meets the ceiling.

boston_park_plaza- chandelier in ballroom- wedding site

Then, when it is time for dinner to be served, the walls open up between the two rooms to give your guests their first glimpse of the Imperial Ballroom.

The Imperial Ballroom has the complete "Wow" factor. This two story high grand ballroom offers room for very large weddings- with seating available in the center area as well as on the balconies. You also could set up a lounge area in the balconies. The stage would be perfect for your band, and perhaps even your first dance.

boston_park_plaza- imperial ballroom ceiling- wedding reception venue in massachusetts

I am so glad I was able to experience the Park Plaza for myself. It really is amazing. Thanks so much, Abby!