When we were last in California, we met up with Maya, Drew and Duke for a family portrait session. We photographed Maya and Drew’s wedding last February and are thrilled that we can continue to capture images of their family as they grow and change.

maya-and-drew-portraits-baker beach with dog

If you think Duke looks familiar, you may see the family resemblance between he and Max. These two Giant Schnauzer‘s were born of the same litter so I guess that makes us Duke’s aunt and uncle. Duke has the typical Schnauzer cut and he looks so regal. I love his eyebrows! He also has the more typical Giant build. He weighs a good deal more than Max, and it’s all muscle.

giant schnauzer dog portrait

Maya wanted to capture something very San Francisco, casual, and telling of the coming winter months. Baker Beach seemed a perfect option. As is the norm there, we had blustery weather and a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

We couldn’t resist the cute tush shot!

Drew and Duke are awesome playmates. Here’s Duke chasing Drew around the beach.

It was so much fun hanging out with Maya and Drew; they clearly adore Duke. And watching them all interact is a blast. Plus it makes us miss Max a little less.

dog walking his owners during pet photography session in San Francisco- Baker Beach

Maya and Drew- thanks so much for thinking of this. We are so glad we could make it work. And congrats again on your news!

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