We had a great family shoot with a super fabulous family a couple weeks ago- even their cats are cool.

tim-aaron-ruby-michelle-family-portrait-family on their lawn - westwood, ma

I will start with Tim. Tim was one of the groomsmen in our wedding. He and Dave grew up together in Boston; all the way from elementary school through their years at the Boston Latin School. I met Tim a few years back and was immediately taken by his warmth and charm and sincerity. Absolute great guy!

dad and son on porch swing - westwood mass

Of course, I also had the pleasure of meeting Michelle. And since then, have had the opportunity to spend lots more time with her. She is simply great! She has a truly contagious smile. And I love talking with her; she always makes me laugh.

mom with daughter - portrait session - boston, ma

And so this awesome couple…. wouldn’t you know it?… now has two awesome kids. Love them! Yup, I do.

two kids on a swing - portrait session - boston, ma

Aaron is the elder. He loves to talk and dance and sing. He is really creative. We thought for sure he would be afraid of Max, but nope, he was racing with our big black dog.

portrait of boy - westwood, ma

Ruby, the younger, is just so cute. How could you not adore her? She even has her mom’s great smile. She is pretty fearless- chases after Aaron with abandon and happily rough-houses with her dad and her big bro!

portrait of girl on her swing - boston suburbs

And I couldn’t leave out the cats, Mia and Max. Mia is perfectly cat-like. If you are lucky, she will grace you with her presence. And Max loves to be more involved; he checks you out and wants affection. And you should see the way he drinks his water; he actually hits the bowl to make water splash about. It’s pretty funny. I love a cat with personality. And these two have it in spades.

Max… he was easy to find.

max, the cat - by the window - metro-west boston ma

Mia… she took her time to come out.

Mia, the cat- portrait - western suburbs boston ma

And some more of the gang.

the whole family for a portrait on their porch swing

mom and daughter portrait - great smiles

Pretty big shoes to fill….father and son - filling in the shoes - westwood ma

A huge thank you to Tim, Michelle, Aaron, Ruby, Mia and Max for sharing your day with us. We had such a great time shooting with you.

PS- Aaron, we hope you had a really great birthday. We were thinking of you!

Want to see more? Check out their slideshow here.