Wil and Laura are definitively a perfect match. I could see it in the way they looked at each other when we first met them and I could see it all throughout their wedding day, in the way they supported each other and helped each other. They are so, so sweet together.

wil-and-laura-wedding-Will and Laura's hands outside the Historic Del Monte Building

Their devotion to their families was also hugely apparent. Of course, that meant lots of fun people surrounding them with love.

Here’s Laura helping get her beautiful flower girl ready for the big walk.

Getting the Flower Girl Ready at the Cypress Hotel- Cupertino, CA

The boys chilling out in the lobby of the Cypress Hotel in Cupertino, before the ceremony. Reminds me of some Mafia movie. Don’t mess with these guys.

Will and his Men in the Cypress Hotel- Cupertino, California

Isn’t Laura just so beautiful? She seemed completely relaxed, just there to have a good time and celebate. Honestly, she was glowing.Laura in the lobby of the Cypress Hotel- Cupertino, California

Laura by the window- Cypress Hotel, Cupertino, California

Wil’s first look at Laura- he’s pretty darn cute, himself!

Will seeing Laura for the first time- Cypress Hotel, Cupertino, California

Wil and Laura got married at the Historic Del Monte Building in Sunnyvale. Light was streaming in from the windows all around them. There was an ethereal quality to the space and the room was emotionally charged. Laughter, tears, hugs, the whole shebang. What a great ceremony!

Will and Laura's Wedding Ceremony at the Historic Del Monte- Sunnyvale, California

Thank you, Wil and Laura, for including us in your celebration. We are so glad that we could share your day with you.