We seem to have a fashion theme going on recently. And today’s topic is HATS!!! Yup, we got to indulge in some amazing hat photography this weekend.

While meeting with Barbara from The Log Cabin and Delaney House, she shared that she was coordinating a fundraiser for the Holyoke Merry Go Round with a Kentucky Derby theme. We thought that sounded like great fun, in addition to being a good cause, so we jumped at the opportunity to document the Derby Dazzle.

They already had the horses so all that was needed were some fashionable ladies wearing fashionable hats, a couple of races, betting, and prizes. All of which were in abundance at the event. The hats were stunning- from homemade to couture and everywhere in between. I loved the thought that went into so many of the choices. With bright colors, feathers, horses, and horseshoes, creativity inspired these stunning headpieces.

derby08_holyoke_Purple Hat at the Derby Dazzle

Then there were the races. Carousel racing, if you haven’t seen it before, is quite an event. A bit like roulette, the carousel goes around and the person on the horse closest to the arrow wins.

This is me on the carousel, anything to get the shot, right?
Jo on Carousel at Holyoke Merry Go Round

Here’s one of my faves taken while my horse was going up and down. This carousel was fassssstttttt.
Photo Jo took from Holyoke Merry Go Round

Of course, the Kentucky Derby itself is THE race. Several attendees bet on it and brought their own tickets. Others purchased raffle tickets and the winners of the raffle tickets received $5 bet tickets.

With all these races, a hat contest and an auction, there were lots of winners Saturday evening. A huge congrats to Big Brown and to all the Holyoke Merry Go Round champions.

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