In The Spotlight

This fall, we met up with two of our favorite couples to put together a promotional video for Allegro Photography. Dave and I were behind the still cameras. Courtney and Brian were behind the video cameras. And Andrea and Eric were in front of the four of us, fearlessly tackling their role as our models. It also happened to be right around Andrea and Eric‘s one year anniversary, so it was a little bit of an anniversary celebration as well.

We were lucky enough to have a picture perfect, sunny afternoon. After meeting up at Boston‘s Courthouse area, we dove into the shoot along Fort Point Channel.

On the docks…

boston-ma-anniversary-portrait-session- allegro photography boston wedding photographers- fort point channel- south boston massachusetts

Love this scene.

boston-ma-anniversary-portrait-session- allegro photography boston wedding photographers- fort point channel- andrea and eric by bridge

boston-ma-anniversary-portrait-session- allegro photography boston wedding photographers- fort point channel- with sunglasses- city scape in background

boston-ma-anniversary-portrait-session- in silhouette- allegro photography boston wedding photographers- fort point channel- mass

Dancing under the bridge.

boston-ma-anniversary-portrait-session- fiances under the bridge- allegro photography boston wedding photographers- fort point channel- massachusetts

boston-ma-anniversary-portrait-session- singing and dancing under the street- allegro photography boston wedding photographers- fort point channel

It had been raining pretty much the whole week prior to our portrait session,which left us with lots of reflective puddles.

boston-ma-anniversary-portrait-session- pubble reflection of the couple- allegro photography boston wedding photographers- fort point channel

Playing with the industrial look. Great contrast between their soft vibrancy and the gray harsh background.

boston-ma-anniversary-portrait-session- couple connecting with the camera- allegro photography boston wedding photographers- fort point channel- massachusetts

boston-ma-anniversary-portrait-session- smooches under the boardwalk- allegro photography boston wedding photographers- fort point channel- boston waterfront

Enjoying a moment.

boston-ma-anniversary-portrait-session- snugging by the water- allegro photography boston wedding photographers- fort point channel

Love the Barking Crab‘s bright redness.

boston-ma-anniversary-portrait-session- allegro photography boston wedding photographers- fort point channel- red all of the barking crab

In reflection.

boston-ma-anniversary-portrait-session- reflection and red wall of the barking crab

We walked over by the Children’s Museum to enjoy the shade of the willow trees.

boston-ma-anniversary-portrait-session- intimate moment- allegro photography boston wedding photographers- fort point channel

boston-ma-anniversary-portrait-session- children's museum white rocks- allegro photography boston wedding photographers- fort point channel

And really cool white rock sculptures.



After the session was finished, we all enjoyed a bite to eat. Not only was it fun working with our crew, we had a great time catching up and hanging out. Thank you all for sharing your time and your talents.

It looks like the video will be ready soon, so these are really just to whet your appetite. I hope you enjoyed!

Future Steelers Fan

In honor of the new year and the new beginnings it brings, here’s a few from Jessica and Alex’s maternity session. We met up with the parents-to-be in the North End and journeyed around some of their favorite stomping grounds, eventually finding our way back home. Since the session, they have had a beautiful healthy baby girl. Congrats to you both and a happy new year to all!

A quick photo of their baby-to-be, aka the bump, and Alex’s favorite football team (no offense to all Pats fans intended). This one was a surprise for Alex and taken before he arrived home from work.

jessica-alex-north-end-maternity-session-portraits- bump with stealers shirt

Christopher Columbus Park.

jessica-alex-north-end-maternity-session-portraits- christopher columbus park couples portrait

jessica-alex-north-end-maternity-session-portraits- happy parents to be

We ran into a surprise summer concert and had to catch a few minutes of it.

jessica-alex-north-end-maternity-session-portraits- date night before the baby is born

jessica-alex-north-end-maternity-session-portraits- growing family, happy at christopher columbus park- boston ma

On the greenway. This one feels sort of dreamlike to me.

jessica-alex-north-end-maternity-session-portraits- green way carousel in downtown boston massachusetts

Back home. Relaxing. Yes, Alex is rubbing Jessica’s feet. Much deserved, I think.

jessica-alex-north-end-maternity-session-portraits- living room in boston mass

Love their space and the modern feeling it offers.

jessica-alex-north-end-maternity-session-portraits- relaxing at home preparing for baby to be

One final image. So pretty.


Want more of Jessica, Alex, and their bump? Check out their slideshow.

Documenting a Family

Just in time for the holidays, we did a mini-portrait session for Ivan and Jess and their growing family. The newest addition is just over a month and what a cutie. Of course, you typically worry about the oldest child adapting when a new one arrives, but fear not, Noodle is doing great and absolutely adores his little "sister."

We started off with the formal lifestyle portraits.

arlington-family-portraits-holiday- baby pet wellesley portrait photographers

arlington-family-portraits-holiday- baby and pet photos by wellesley photographers

arlington-family-portraits-holiday- dog puppy and child portraits by wellesley portrait artists

arlington-family-portraits-holiday- by wellesley portrait and event photographers Jo and David Lee of allegro photography

We finished up the session with an editorial photo. While Noodle loves his baby girl, he also sees new opportunities for mischief.


Want more from Ivan and Jess? No problem. We have enjoyed being a part of their lives since their engagement through their wedding. We’re now thrilled to document their first born child.

Completing the Puzzle

A shared history and personalities that fit just so, Junnie and Wing are definitely starting their baby-to-be off on the right foot. Both Junnie and Wing were born in other countries but came to the US as young adults. They found each other at their church and realized they each filled in the others’ gaps, just like matching puzzle pieces. A perfect example- Wing is the artist and graphic designer; Junnie is the financial organizer and accountant. They are the yin to the other’s yang. Their little one is lucky to have such a great balance from the get-go.


We met up with Junnie and Wing to photograph their maternity session on a cool October afternoon. Starting off in Boston‘s beautiful Beacon Hill neighborhood.

boston-maternity-public-gardens-portraits- beacon hill pregnancy photos, boston ma

And did I mention how adorable these two are? Good genes indeed.

boston-maternity-public-gardens-portraits- family portraits in beacon hill- pregnancy, massachusetts

The blue skies were intermittent so Dave made sure to highlight them when we saw them.

boston-maternity-public-gardens-portraits- beacon hill family portraits

Loving this photo of Junnie.

boston-maternity-public-gardens-portraits- wellesley portrait photographer

boston-maternity-public-gardens-portraits- by weston portrait photographers

We made our way to the Boston Common for a little greenery and in the hopes of some fall color.

Making a wish…

boston-maternity-public-gardens-portraits- family portraits by dover portrait photographers, massachusetts

We found the greenery. Autumn leaves were more elusive.

boston-maternity-public-gardens-portraits- in the commons with sherborn family portrait photographers

One of my absolute faves over at the Public Garden. An abstract family portrait.

boston-maternity-public-gardens-portraits- family photographs by wellesley portrait photographers

We had such a great time hanging out with these two. Highly recommend checking out their slideshow cause these two were so sweet and even brought props for their session. Enjoy!

An Afternoon at the Beach

When Kristina let me know that she had bid on and won our portrait session at the Junior League auction, I was thrilled. I had been working with Kristina on a volunteer project and knew she would be great to photograph. After talking with her, I was even more excited to meet her family. They did not disappoint. Her parents are warm and engaging. Her brothers are full of energy. And her fiance is a total sweetheart. Plus this crew really, truly enjoys spending time together.

We chose the beach for the backdrop of the family portrait. This crew basically lives on the beach- hanging out, sailing, relaxing. We started off our session with the more formal portraits by the cabana.


wellesley-photographer-family-portrait-beach- newly engaged couple

When I talked with Kathy, Kristina’s mom, about how the family spent their time on the beach, the first word out of her mouth was "Kubb." I was a little confused as I had never heard that word before. As it turns out, kubb or koob is a favorite game in Sweden. It’s a combination of chess and bowling or croquet. I have to admit, I still don’t fully understand, but honestly, it was such fun to watch. Everyone was definitely into the game and it illicited shouts of triumph and joy, as well as truly genuine smiles.

wellesley-photographer-family-portrait-beach- overlooking the water and playing koob

wellesley-photographer-family-portrait-beach- south shore of boston

wellesley-photographer-family-portrait-beach- son picks up his mom

wellesley-photographer-family-portrait-beach- mother hangs with son and daughter

wellesley-photographer-family-portrait-beach- father with son and son-in-law to be

The twins fooling around. There was a lot of that.

wellesley-photographer-family-portrait-beach- twins fooling around

wellesley-photographer-family-portrait-beach- still happily married mom and dad

The "kids" celebrating a game well-played.

wellesley-photographer-family-portrait-beach- celebrating with the younger generation

Then we got back to the business at hand. Loving the crew on the cliff wall. Seriously humorous.

wellesley-photographer-family-portrait-beach- on the sea wall

Dave put together this triple panorama of the crew.

wellesley-photographer-family-portrait-beach- fooling around on the sea wall- boston massachusetts

We were losing our beach to high tide so we popped on down for a bit of sand and sea.

wellesley-photographer-family-portrait-beach- waves in the back ground

Sometimes we get a little silly. Which is fun.

wellesley-photographer-family-portrait-beach- jumping the south shore waves

But more importantly, everyone relaxes again, and the smiles become completely natural.

wellesley-photographer-family-portrait-beach- enjoying the ocean waters in the south shore, boston, ma

One of my absolute favorites from the session.

wellesley-photographer-family-portrait-beach- walking in the ocean waters- boston ma near cape cod

Thank you to Kathy, Peter, Kristina, Matt, Christian and Pierson. We had such a great time with you on this beautiful afternoon.

Definitely check out the slideshow for more from this portrait session at the beach.

Playful Parents-to-be

I am so so so excited for Willine and Ken to become parents. We had the great pleasure of getting to know them during their maternity session in Boston a few weeks ago, and they are so much fun. We wandered around the Boston Common, Beacon Hill and the Public Gardens. Even warmed up with a hot chocolate at Starbucks. Good times, for sure.


I know their little one’s life is going to be filled with music and intelligence and laughter, not to mention a great sense of style and good looks. That’s one lucky kid. Check out the super sweet mom-and-dad-to-be.

willine_ken_boston_maternity_portrait- view of beacon hill from boston commons- ma portraits

willine_ken_boston_maternity_portrait- boston portrait photography of pregnancy couple in boston publich gardens

willine_ken_boston_maternity_portrait- downtown photography session near back bay

willine_ken_boston_maternity_portrait- pregnancy photography of couple's first child at boston commons, massachusetts

willine_ken_boston_maternity_portrait- boston portrait photographers take pregnancy photos during the winter in downtown boston- massachusetts

willine_ken_boston_maternity_portrait- parents to be celebrate this time in their life with portrait session in beacon hill and at the public gardens

willine_ken_boston_maternity_portrait- enjoying this time- watertown couple takes photos at the public gardens- massachusetts

Many thanks to Willine and Ken for being so wonderful to work with. You guys are great! Of course, we also have to thank you Wendy and Wesley for introducing you to us. And we can’t wait to see you (and the newest addition to the family) at Pamela and Albert‘s wedding this summer.

Mason’s Family Portrait

We have had the great pleasure of watching Duke’s family grow- I say it that way because first Duke had Maya, then he added Drew and, most recently, Mason to his family. And we knew Duke first, as he is our boy Max’s brother. We have enjoyed getting to know the whole family and have had the opportunity to photograph them from Maya and Drew’s engagement session to their wedding to their first family portrait to this most recent session with Mason. In preparation for the holidays, we captured these portraits of Maya, Drew, Mason and Duke at Piedmont Park.

From Duke’s perspective.

mason_family_portrait_piedmont_ca- dog with his family in the background at piedmont park, east bay, ca

A better look at the humans in the family.

mason_family_portrait_piedmont_ca- mason and his parents- park in sf bay area

Mason just happens to be absolutely adorable, no suprise given his genes, and a lovely little guy to boot. He offers huge smiles for his mom. Maya’s entertaining Mason and Drew behind our cameras.

mason_family_portrait_piedmont_ca-dad with his baby boy at park outside oakland ca


mason_family_portrait_piedmont_ca- mom gives baby a kiss- crocker highlands, east bay

The pensive boys.

mason_family_portrait_piedmont_ca- man and his best friend thoughtful in sf bay area park

Maya taught me a few of her tricks to get Mason to smile for me. He did so a couple of times, but it is clear he loves his mom’s version of the ABC’s best.


The weather had been a little iffy so we wanted to keep Mason warm. We decided to head back home for a few with Mason having the spotlight all to himself.

mason_family_portrait_piedmont_ca- beautiful baby boy sits in adult chair at his home in the east bay of san francisco

Duke is such a good protector and big brother. He is so calm and is happy to allow Mason to sit cradled in his lap. So precious.

mason_family_portrait_piedmont_ca- dog cradles baby for portrait in their oakland ca home

Then one final image with Maya and her first boy.

mason_family_portrait_piedmont_ca- dog gives mom a kiss at home in no california

It is always a pleasure getting together with Maya, Drew, Mason and Duke. Thank you so much for inviting us into your lives.

If you would like to see more, check out their slideshow.

Happy Anniversary, Tasha & Bill!

Since we moved to Boston, we have had a the distinct pleasure of getting to know many fabulous wedding professionals. One of those just happens to be Tasha Bracken, Cape Cod and Boston event planner extraordinaire and the woman behind SD Events. She has so many great ideas and the ingenuity to make them happen. A recent favorite would be chalk board tables for a fabulous mitzvah celebration. Plus, she is great to be around. I would totally want her at my event, if not working, then as a guest.

tasha_bill_newton_anniversary_portraits- event planner Tasha Bracken of SD Events- the Simple Details- Cape Cod and Massachusetts

So when Tasha told us that she and Bill were celebrating their anniversary, I knew we had to do something special. They hadn’t had professional portraits taken since the wedding; we immediately thought, “portraits would be a great way to celebrate!” We met up with them at their home in Newton.

It was our first time meeting Bill, and let me just say, he is great! I think he and Dave could have hung out all day talking about the Red Sox. Such boys! And even more importantly, he is clearly still so sweet on his beautiful wife.

Here’s a few of the happy couple.

tasha_bill_newton_anniversary_portraits- cozy and loving couple

tasha_bill_newton_anniversary_portraits- the happy couple

Breaking out with some totally fun goofiness….

tasha_bill_newton_anniversary_portraits- goofing around in newton ma

Hanging out on the back porch.

tasha_bill_newton_anniversary_portraits- back porch in massachusetts

Now into a section of "Favorite Things", aka the best parts of life, or that which Tasha and Bill love.

First off, Mariah, she totally posed for the camera. What a beauty!

tasha_bill_newton_anniversary_portraits- black cat

And Elton, definitely more camera shy, glad Tasha was able to catch him. He’s so handsome.

tasha_bill_newton_anniversary_portraits- with orange cat

His and hers cocktails; getting snuggly in the background.

tasha_bill_newton_anniversary_portraits- snuggling with martini and champagne

Note the Red Sox attire. The couple that cheers together, stays together. :)

tasha_bill_newton_anniversary_portraits-red sox fans in ma

Since it was an anniversary session and Tasha looks fabulous, we coaxed her into doing a few in her wedding gown. No surprise, it fit perfectly. Besides, what girl doesn’t want a chance to put on that beautiful white dress just one more time?!


Mariah came back for a repeat performance.

tasha_bill_newton_anniversary_portraits-bride with cat

And one parting image… I love the juxtaposition of Bill in his Red Sox shirt with Tasha all gussied up in her wedding gown! Makes me smile.


We are so thankful to Tasha and Bill for inviting us into their home. We had a really great time with you both!

If you would like to see more, check out their slideshow.

At Home with Kinsley and Her Family

We had an amazing portrait session while we were down in DC over the holidays. Kinsley was almost 3 months old and is simply adorable. She has the best cheeks, super soft hair, and bright eyes. And she has a great sense of style, too- simply loved the overalls.

family portrait on location in washington dc by boston photographers

Read More»

A Little Perspective…

Every once in a while someone (or a family of someones) comes along and puts everything into perspective. We had the opportunity to photograph such a family just after Christmas.
dad with two daughters- family portrait at christmas- boston suburbs

Michael was diagnosed with cancer last February. The strength and courage of the Chase family to perservere, to connect with others, and to remain positive is truly inspiring. I am so thankful that we had this chance to give back.

Get well soon, Michael! We’re pulling for you.

Click here to follow Michael’s progress.

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