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Live, Love, Laugh- Part 3

And now for the Grand Finale, part 3 of Jen & Steve’s beautiful Lord Thompson Manor wedding. After the church, after the dive bar, after the formal portraits, Jen & Steve celebrated their reception in style on the grounds of this gorgeous estate. They had some time to enjoy cocktail hour and toasts and finished that part of the evening with a magical balloon release. Dinner, dancing, cake, and even singing closed out the night. Enjoy the photos here, then pop over to Style Me Pretty to see even more of their unique ideas and inspiration.

And a special thanks to all of the professionals who helped make everything absolutely perfect for our happy couple:

Ceremony: Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Webster, Massachusetts / Reception: Lord Thompson Manor in Thompson, Connecticut / Floral Design: Lord Thompson Manor / Event Design: The Bride + Lord Thompson Manor / Wedding Invitations: Pickett’s Press / Save-the-Dates: Swiss Cottage Designs / Band: Chris Gillespie / Wedding Dress: Pronovias / Hair + Makeup: Priscilla of Kiss Spa / Groom’s Tuxedo: Custom by Doyle + Mueser

Such a magical day. Extra special congrats to Jen and Steve. And if you want more, check out the PicFlick of this amazing Lord Thompson Manor wedding.


Live, Love, Laugh- Part 2

Jen and Steve’s destination wedding in Thompson, CT kicked off in style with Steve getting ready at the Estate and Jen at the Spa. They met up for their first look when she walked down the aisle in a gorgeous New England church, surrounded by family and friends.

Jen was glowing on the arm of her dad. And even he couldn’t keep his eyes of his stunning daughter.

You can definitely see Steve taking it all in.

Love the beauty of the Sacred Heart Parish. It feels like a place of joy.

The minister had Jen and Steve come down into the pews for the exchange of the rings. I’ve never seen this before but it ended up being really cool. Dave and the guests were right in the thick of it.

A quick silhouette portrait following the ceremony.

I do believe a promised a dive bar. And so hear you have it. On the way from the ceremony to the reception at the LTM, Jen and Steve planned a surprise stop at this little whole in the wall bar. Her bridal party had no idea and were treated to drinks with locals. Such fun was had by our crew and those already present at the bar.

Just outside the bar, we found a bit of romance and fun.

Dave set up this editorial shot. When he thinks like a groom, this is how he feels, I guess.


At the manor we had time for portraits around the grounds. If you have ever visited, you know how beautiful the estate is. The photo locations are endless, each one more picturesque than the last.

After these quiet moments in this enchanted forest behind the estate, we all headed back for the reception, which included among other special moments, a balloon release. Really all around amazing so be on the look out for more.

Or if you just can’t wait, check out their feature in Style Me Pretty Massachusetts and their destination wedding slideshow.


Live, Love, Laugh- Part 1

A destination wedding in Connecticut would not be ideal for many brides and grooms, but for Jen and Steve it was truly the prefect spot for their fairy tale wedding. First, they found the Lord Thompson Manor, and I think almost everyone would agree the LTM is absolutely one of the most picturesque estates around. Definitely worth the trip from NYC to the northwest corner of CT. And once there, the amenities are fantastic, Jackie and her team take such good care of the bride and groom and their guests. For a weekend away, but not too far away, it is the perfect backdrop. Then of course, they also found a great church and a great dive bar- all in all, the perfect mix of beauty, romance and fun. A place where they could Live, Love, and Laugh.

So on the wedding day, we split up. Dave got to hang with the boys at the main estate, while I photographed the girls getting ready at the KISS spa, just down the road.

So first the boys. Steve is so very handsome. And I totally think this photo Dave took of him could be a magazine cover or an ad (funny that he works in advertising) or maybe even a James Bond poster.

An artistic view.

And a documentary moment of the boys’ getting ready.

This ring shot, created by Dave, was inspired by one of their themes for the day.

The girls getting ready took a bit more time. So I was able to focus on more of the photojournalistic moments.

And create a ring shot of my own- with just the engagement ring in the spa.

Loving the bridesmaid gifts (as did they)- jewelry with a message.

Jen has such an awesome sense of style. Bling-y shoes need an appropriately sparkly place to hang out.

So beautiful and not even done yet.

Getting a little help from the Father of the Bride.

The veil always makes such a difference.

More help from dad, and a couple of cutie patootie flower girls.

On her way.

Along the way, there was lots of laughter, and yes, a few tears.

And just a hint of what is up next… ceremony in a beautiful church still to come.

And more…. that dive bar I mentioned, romantic portraits, and a kick-ass party.

Don’t want to wait? You can get the scoop from Jen & Steve as well as see tons more photos on Style Me Pretty.


Wow! Lounge at the Copley Plaza

Working with the team at the Fairmont Copley Plaza is always a pleasure. When Tracey shared that they were going to offer something new and fun to their wedding clients, we couldn’t wait to be a part of it. You see, having a lounge type area during the dancing and dessert part of the evening has become a very popular trend. We’ve seen it at several weddings and always thought how nice it was for the guests to have an area to relax when they aren’t kicking it up on the dance floor. Often this type of space is created by simply bringing in furniture to the reception room. But the Copley Plaza adds another bit to the puzzle.

Allow me start at the beginning of the party so you can really get a sense of what I mean. Many cocktail hours are held in the Venetian Room, adjacent to the Oval Room. It’s a warm bright space, with elegant gold detailing and stunning chandeliers. Very welcoming. And very ornate. And very traditional. Here are a few from Lindsay and Alex‘s wedding last fall.

fairmont-copley-plaza-hotel-wedding-boston-fall- cocktail hour in the venetian room- bright warm

fairmont-copley-plaza-hotel-wedding-boston-fall- cocktail hour in the venetian room with centerpiece arrangement- warm bright

After the cocktail hour, guests go into the Oval Room for dinner and dancing. They are often also invited back into the Venetian Room for dessert. So Tracey and her team realized they could use the time during dinner to completely transform the Venetian Room into something spectacular.


Something cool, funky, fun, modern. A wow space. The perfect lounge for dessert and hanging out after dinner.

copley-plaza-fairmont-venetian-room-club- lounge furniture and blue and purple uplights in the venetian room

As it turns out, they had the space they needed and they even have the technical staff to create the infinite lighting possibilities.

copley-plaza-fairmont-venetian-room-club- dancing dessert club with uplights

All purples, all blues, all reds, all pinks….

copley-plaza-fairmont-venetian-room-club- evening party atmostphere in the venetian room- pink purple lighting

Or some combination of colors….

copley-plaza-fairmont-venetian-room-club- view of the venetian room lounge for dessert and drinks after hours with uplighting

And the mirrors reflect the light back in all sorts of vibrant ways.

copley-plaza-fairmont-venetian-room-club- venetian room lounge with purple lighting

From traditional elegance to modern chic in the space of a couple hours. Simply awesome!

Modern Boston Wedding

Late summer/early fall of last year, we had the opportunity to work on a beautiful wedding with Tasha Bracken of SD Events. Tasha and her team planned a weekend that started with a wonderful rehearsal dinner at a family home in Manchester-by-the-Sea. They dealt gracefully with some less than perfect weather.

The next day brought stunning blue skies and joy to the happy couple and their families. The bride prepped at the Seaport Hotel while the groom got ready at a family home in Cambridge. The couple wed at the Harvard Memorial Church and celebrated with a reception at the Boston ICA. I thought it would be fun to share a few images showcasing the fabulous details from this New England and art-inspired wedding.


First the church florals (all by Honey of Lotus Designs). Here, her designs incorporate warm fresh hues of yellow, oranges, bright greens, and whites.

ica-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront-details- harvard memoridal church alter and flowers

ica-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront-details- harvard memorial church aisle flowers

To get the guests from the church to the museum, what could be more Boston than a Duck Tour?

ica-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront-details- duck tours and trolley guest transportation

When the guests arrived, they were greeted by the view of the Boston Harbor.

ica-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront-details- harbor view from institute of contemporary art

Colors for cocktail hour were deep purples and blues.

ica-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront-details- cocktail hour centerpiece by honey of lotus designs

The Wolfgang Puck team always ready with a smile!

ica-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront-details-wolfgang puck bartender in the cafe

For the dinner reception, Honey looked to shift the color palette. Here fuschia orchids, reds, greens, and blues made a contemporary statement for the modern space of the Barbara Lee theater.

ica-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront-details- institue of contemporary art barbara lee theater- floral arrangements from ceiling and on table

When you take a step back, you can see how cool the space was with all of the floral sculptures floating from above.

ica-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront-details- theater at ica with floral decor by honey of lotus designs

Note the table cards, a tribute to museums around the world.

ica-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront-details- museums around the world as names of tables at museum wedding

A special gift for the guest at each table setting.

ica-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront-details- double happiness guest coaster gift

Dinner music, string trio.

ica-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront-details- string trio dinner music for wedding reception

Downstairs to the lobby for dessert and dancing.

ica-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront-details- dessert in coffee cups by wolfgang puck

One final floral look… all shades of purple. Red linens were brought in to offset these arrangements.

ica-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront-details- dancing and dessert in the lobby with special centerpieces

So grateful to be able to capture these images from such a wonderful weekend. A very special thank you to Tasha Bracken of the Simple Details Events and Stephanie Rossi, and our bride and groom and their families.

And to the team who made this event come together beautifully, it was a pleasure to work with you:
Getting ready hotel: The Seaport, Boston
Ceremony site: Harvard Memorial Church, Cambridge
Reception venue: Institue of Contemporary Art, Boston
Caterer: Wolfgang Puck
Florist: Honey from Lotus Designs
Transportation: AA Allstars Rolls Royce, Duck Boat, and Trolley
Reception music: Hip Pocket Orchestra


Fashionable W Boston

The W Boston really is an amazing venue, as I mentioned before, and now you can see what I mean. Such inspiration in the spaces, materials, concept. Totally got our juices flowing for this winter wedding shoot last month.


First stop, Studio 3. Floor to ceiling windows make for great views and dynamic photos.






Every girl loves a little time at the spa.




Cocktails at the bar.







Working our way upstairs for the party.

Dave’s view.


My view.



The view from the hallway. If it had been warmer, we totally would have gone outside to the surrounding areas.


Special thanks to our fabulous model Melissa, the extraordinarily talented Jacki Norrie of Wedding Tresses, Winston Flowers, Naomi from Generations CinemaStories (see video here) and all of the wonderful talent at the W.

Party on the Mez

With the opening of the Mez, the W offered Boston something new, modern, chic and exciting. Here’s a bit of inspiration designed for you to see how you could transform the Mez for your W wedding.

Stephanie and Tara, two of the W talent, created these fabulous table displays with the help of Be Our Guest and Winston Flowers, showcasing the ways in which the Mez spaces can be transformed.



My favorite table with whites, golds and soft pink calla lilies.




Perfect for a bachelorette party, a 40th birthday party or even a bat mitzvah.



Perfect for a sophisticated, fun adult party.



A few special touches to the lobby at the top of the steps…


And one of the studios.


Oh and then there’s the food at the W. Oh me, oh my, mouthwatering and beautiful.



These fries with truffle oil were out of this world delish!


Food is Art, a specialty at the hotel.


In addition to the event, we photographed a bride throughout the hotel. We wanted to show off how cool the venue is and how many different places there are for portraits. We spent well over 2 hours shooting and didn’t get to do everything we wanted. The possibilities are endless. So check back soon for images for our shoot with Melissa.

Maren’s Miracle

On the radar, there was a rain cloud stretching from New Hampshire to Washington, DC and it was moving East at a steady pace. We had been watching the weather reports all week long, dreading what was to come for Maren and Steve’s wedding. They had chosen the most beautiful location for their destination wedding- an estate by the water in Portsmouth, RI- with an outdoor ceremony in the gardens. And they had planned a photo tour prior to the wedding which would take us around Newport‘s stunning coastline. Of course, this required a rain-free day. Dave and I were certain we would be relegated to Plan B. I brought the red umbrella for whatever photos we would be able to take outside.

What we didn’t count on was Maren and Steve’s good fortune. We had no idea they had some kind of extra special karma hanging out in their corner. Because what unfolded was nothing short of a miracle.

Maren got ready at the Pelham Court Hotel- a sweet boutique hotel with a great suite for our bride and her ladies. She didn’t seem at all concerned about the weather, which at that point was all sunshine in Newport.

maren-steve-newport-destination-wedding- bride gets ready at pelham court hotel

She and Steve saw each other for the first time in the courtyard of the hotel. I love this moment where they get a good look at each other. And I love that Dave purposely captured the blue sky as part of the image. He wanted to make sure they had at least one photo with blue skies from their wedding day.

maren-steve-newport-destination-wedding- bride and groom see each other for first time at pelham court hotel

We took a couple of portraits in the courtyard. We actually had to have them sit in the shade, because it was still so bright out.

maren-steve-newport-destination-wedding- bride and groom portrait at pelham court hotel courtyard with fountain

Then we headed off to Ocean Drive, for photos along the rocky coast line. As we drove there, we could see the storm clouds getting closer.

maren-steve-newport-destination-wedding- stormy weather view from the bus as drive to bridal portraits on ocean drive

Check it out in this image. Towards the west an ominous sky.

maren-steve-newport-destination-wedding- bride and groom portraits along ocean drive with storm clouds in distance

In the same spot, but toward the east, the bridal party got to enjoy a few more moments of beautiful blue.

maren-steve-newport-destination-wedding- bridal party portrait on ocean drive

At this point, the sky was getting dark fast. Steve asked his groomsmen to bring the umbrellas to us, just in case. They were ready for the worst. Strangely the storm seemed to stop and hold it’s position.

maren-steve-newport-destination-wedding- ocean drive bride and groom portraits with rain clouds in background

We were able to capture a few more at this spot, and even stop at another along the coast.


I was so glad that we had been able to get those photos in. I figured that was all the luck we would have and was prepared for the inevitable indoor ceremony. When I arrived at the Glen Manor House, I was greeted with blue skies again. What?!? I thought. Then I saw that the gardens were set up for the ceremony. I honestly thought the coordinator had made a mistake. She told me she had checked the radar and it looked fine. I was shocked but happy.

maren-steve-newport-destination-wedding- glen manor house wedding venue and reception site- portsmouth ri

Then of course, the skies turned to gray again. Didn’t bother the ring bearer one bit, though.

maren-steve-newport-destination-wedding- ring bearer on lawn of glen manor house- portsmouth ri

Maren and Steve took a moment to enjoy the view of the water, gorgeous even with the gray skies.

maren-steve-newport-destination-wedding- bride and groom portrait in glen manor house- portsmouth rhode island

Then the ceremony began. And unfortunately just as the bridal party made their entrance little drips of water started falling very lightly to the ground. This is it! I thought. Now it’s going to downpour on their ceremony. The pessimist in me came out. I couldn’t help being concerned for all of the guests and our truly fabulous couple. And just as quickly as it had started, Maren walked out, and I kid you not, the drizzle stopped.

maren-steve-newport-destination-wedding- bride enters for ceremony at glen manor house in the gardens- portsmouth ri

Not one more drop fell. Crazy? Maybe. True? Yes. A miracle? Absolutely.

Post script- I suppose all this sounds a bit overdramatic. And I can be prone to that, but just to give you a sense of how bad this storm was, everywhere but at Maren and Steve’s wedding that is, check out this article.

Published: Vogue Japan

Huge congrats to our friend and colleague David Tutera for being featured in Vogue: Japan. And we are so excited that they chose one of our photos to highlight his amazing work. That’s right, we were recently published in Vogue Japan. International and chic, no?!


I’ll be honest I can’t tell you all about the article our work is part of, because, as you would expect, it’s in Japanese, but what I can gather is that they were highlighting several vendors celebrated in the international wedding industry. They focused on florists and event planners, in particular. And David Tutera, whom we have worked with on several occassions, was number one on their list. It’s no surprise as his work is astounding- it completely captivates all of my senses.

Our image was taken during a wedding at The Fairmont’s Plaza Hotel in New York City. The whole concept was based around crystals and they were everywhere. The ballroom sparkled.

If you want to see more of David‘s work, definitely check out:

David Tutera’s Metropolitan Club Wedding
Tutera’s Gotham Hall Wedding

Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer Inspiration

More of David’s designs still to come from a fall episode of My Fair Wedding.

Published: grace ormonde WeddingStyle

So very excited to share the news that we have been published in the Spring/Summer 2010 issue of grace ormonde WeddingStyle. Absolutely love this wedding magazine- chic, elegant, fashion forward designs and style aplenty. If you are planning a wedding, you should definitely check out their current national and New England issues. Tons of great stories, real weddings and inspiring ideas.


We submitted images from this fabulous Plaza Hotel wedding in New York City. It was designed by the trend-setter David Tutera and his talented team. With his table decor, he not only defines the space around a table, but creates a feeling like you have been transported to whole other world. All of your senses are enticed. It’s an amazing experience. We are thrilled that we could share one of his signature designs with Grace Ormonde readers.

If you would like to see more from this wedding, definitely check out our story from the wedding.

And if you would like to see other David Tutera wedding designs and ideas, check out these posts- NY Metropolitan Club Wedding, NY Gotham Hall Wedding, Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer Inspiration. More of David’s designs still to come from an episode of My Fair Wedding.

Cover image by Jade Studio Productions.

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