wedding portraits

How Sweet It Is!

Nope. Dorchester isn’t the first place that comes to mind when discussing where to do an engagement session. That’s probably why Ariel didn’t bring it up initially. But once we started talking, she mentioned how much they love their neighborhood and that there was this one area- the Lower Mills- that had beautiful old factory buildings. They reminded her of her past life in Pittsburgh. But when she and David looked around, they didn’t really know how we would be able to use the space for photos. I was intrigued, to say the least, so I popped down for a peak and instantly fell in love with the area. And so it was settled. The Baker Chocolate buildings would be the sweetest backdrop for their portraits.


The only thing sweeter than the reminder of chocolate in the air was watching Ariel and David together. They totally support each other and absolutely enjoy their time together.

ariel-david-engagement-session-milton-ma- brick buildings background for engagement session

ariel-david-engagement-session-milton-ma- bride and groom to be dorchester lower mills e-session- ma

Working with these two was definitely a collaboration, they were willing to try anything and pointed out architectural elements they saw that were interesting to them, such as the lines of the wood ceiling in this alleyway.

ariel-david-engagement-session-milton-ma- silhouette of bride and groom in dorchester ma

Plus they had just the right membership to gain access to this fire escape. When I found out about that, I was ecstatic. I have always wanted to shoot a couple on a fire escape- reminds me of the languid Porgy and Bess song Summertime. I so enjoy the steaminess of this image. Take your time on this one. Slow down. Look around. Dive into it. And enjoy.

ariel-david-engagement-session-milton-ma- fire escape porgy and bess feeling photo from e-session- dorchester ma

After a quick outfit change, we made our way across the street to the Baker Chocolate Factory lofts. We played around a bit in the courtyard.

ariel-david-engagement-session-milton-ma- baker chocolate factory lofts in dorchester ma

ariel-david-engagement-session-milton-ma- bride's laughter on stoop in dorchester ma

ariel-david-engagement-session-milton-ma- bride and groom cobblestone in boston ma

So while this area was perfect, I was a little concerned about all the red brick and really wanted Ariel and David to have another color in the mix. Plus Ariel had shared how much David liked to climb rocks and enjoyed green space. On my scouting mission, I came across an area with beautiful granite rocks down by the river. It only required a short walk to the water’s edge.

ariel-david-engagement-session-milton-ma- rocks and greenery along the river running through dorchester lower mills- massachusetts

The rock above was the safe rock; the easy one to get to. Of course, David saw another rock- one that required some of his skills and a balancing act on mine and Ariel’s part as well. I happen to enjoy scrambling on rocks myself, so I was up for it, as long as Ariel was. Fearlessly, she took David’s hand and ventured to the rock hanging over the water. You can’t quite tell the tight rope walking adventures required to get there, but let me just say, I was impressed.

It was worth the effort. Looking back on the Mills.

ariel-david-engagement-session-milton-ma- rocks by the water in dorchester with mills in the background

A loving gaze and beautiful reflections in the water. Doesn’t look like Dorchester. And it felt like a million miles away from everything.

ariel-david-engagement-session-milton-ma bride and groom to be enjoying each other by the river at sunset- dorchester lower mills- boston ma

What a great afternoon! Thank you, Ariel and David, for your adventurous spirits. I absolutely can’t wait for your wedding at the Fruitlands Museum.

Prescribed Romance

They had talked about getting married. They had planned on getting married. They knew they were getting married. They just hadn’t made it official yet. So Emily had no qualms about joining one of her dearest friends, who happened to be engaged, on a wedding dress expedition. She figured she would start her search as well.

When Yeung got wind of this, he knew it was time to make his move. He wanted Emily to start her own journey on the right foot. He wanted her to have a ring on her hand when she went shopping for that perfect dress. So he arranged to surprise her outside their first wedding salon. On the spot, he proposed to her. Of course, she said yes! Honestly, I can’t believe how sweet this is. Sort of reminds me of the scene in Sweet Home, Alabama where Patrick Dempsey proposes to Reese Witherspoon by bringing her to Tiffany’s to choose her ring. Que romatico!

When it was time for their e-session, I just knew their chemistry would shine through. They already have such a great story. Plus they are both pharmacists; there had to be chemistry. We were not disappointed. So here’s a few from their session near Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA.


emily-yeung-boston-ma-engagement-photos- harvard medical school campus green e-session- massachusetts

emily-yeung-boston-ma-engagement-photos- white stone walls - hand holding- mass

emily-yeung-boston-ma-engagement-photos- bride looking at camera- city e-session

emily-yeung-boston-ma-engagement-photos- harvard medical school steps- cambridge ma

emily-yeung-boston-ma-engagement-photos- harvard medical school lawn- massachusetts

emily-yeung-boston-ma-engagement-photos- fashion influence bride and groom e-session

emily-yeung-boston-ma-engagement-photos- engagement ring in focus

emily-yeung-boston-ma-engagement-photos- bride and groom in the grass

emily-yeung-boston-ma-engagement-photos- groom chilling at brigham and women's hospital- two pharamcists engaged

emily-yeung-boston-ma-engagement-photos- arrow points to bride and groom to be- city in massachusetts

Want more? Check out their slideshow.


Wildcats Engaged

I’ve enjoyed getting to know Emily and James over facebook, but feel like their engagement session sealed the deal. They are both such lovely people, clearly enamored with each other and their families. But seeing them interact in person was a true joy. They have been together since their college days at The University of Arizona, and their comfort with each other definitely shows. They made my job a piece of cake.

The theme for their wedding is La Vie en Rose, so Emily wanted to incorporate flowers into their engagement session. The Elizabeth Gamble Garden has a lovely rose garden, plus lots of other great options as well. One of my favorite spots in Palo Alto.

emily-james-palo-alto-engagement-session- gamble garden with roses- south bay, ca

emily-james-palo-alto-engagement-session- bride and groom to be among the trees- gamble garden silicon valley, california

emily-james-palo-alto-engagement-session- brick wall bride and groom to be- garden in south bay cali

emily-james-palo-alto-engagement-session- bride and groom to be by the fountain- south of san francisco, ca


They also wanted to hit the Cantor Arts Center on Stanford’s campus. This gave them a more cosmopolitan feel. Emily changed into a special outfit for the occasion. She is wearing the dress she wore when James proposed.

emily-james-palo-alto-engagement-session- art museum on stanford campus- south of sf, ca

emily-james-palo-alto-engagement-session- cantor arts center, stanford university- silicon valley california

emily-james-palo-alto-engagement-session- stanford art museum south bay, cali

So love this photo. They are dancing and I caught this mid-twirl. Sweet!

emily-james-palo-alto-engagement-session- yoga instructor and her fiance dance at the cantor art center, san fran south bay cali

Such a fun couple! You should definitely check out their slideshow for more from Emily and James engagement session.

Their Bar Scene

One summer a few years ago, fate took hold of Suzanne and Andy’s lives and brought them together in a way neither would have expected. As Suzanne said, "Who meets in a bar?" Well actually, she and Andy did. And it was perfect.

Suzanne had been visiting her family at the time, but was living in Southern California. A friend took her to this neighborhood bar for a drink. A friend of Andy’s happened to bring him to the same bar. It’s the kind of bar that really is meant for the locals and probably sees a lot of the same faces. Not the kind of place you would expect to meet your future spouse, or even someone new. Neither Suzanne nor Andy went to the bar to fall in love, but love is what they found.

Fast forward to this summer. Suzanne and Andy are busily preparing for their wedding at Stone Tree Golf Club. We took a few hours to enjoy the city they have spent so much time in and create engagement photos for them. San Francisco gave us all its blustering cold dripping wet fog (yes it was gruesome) and Suzanne and Andy gave us smiles and warmth. It was a perfect night.

We started off in North Beach (for those touristy types, that’s the Italian district in SF) and wandered along the streets. Both Suzanne and Andy had lived in the neighborhood at various points in their lives so had strong ties to the area.

suzanne-andy-san-francisco-north-beach-russian-hill-engagement-photos- session with bride and groom to be in SF Italian neighborhood

suzanne-andy-san-francisco-north-beach-russian-hill-engagement-photos- kissing in the street with Sausalito couple

Meandered over to Washington Square Park for a little greenery.

suzanne-andy-san-francisco-north-beach-russian-hill-engagement-photos- checking out the scenery by Columbus Park in SF CA

suzanne-andy-san-francisco-north-beach-russian-hill-engagement-photos- distant views and snuggling close during foggy night in sf

Loving this shot. So San Francisco- you’ve got the MUNI lines criss-crossing over the street and the TransAmerica building in the background.

suzanne-andy-san-francisco-north-beach-russian-hill-engagement-photos- transamerica building in background as couple wanders through italian neighborhood in sf

Enjoying the architecture.


A little Monet-esque as they are walking. Take a moment and enjoy the yellow sweater Suzanne is wearing. Love bright colors on a gray day.

suzanne-andy-san-francisco-north-beach-russian-hill-engagement-photos- motion blur of walking fiances during portrait session

Of course, we had to head over to the scene of the crime. So we hopped in their car and drove to Russian Hill where that neighborhood bar, The Buccaneer, is located. Could this be how it all started?

suzanne-andy-san-francisco-north-beach-russian-hill-engagement-photos- at the bar where they met in sf

They hadn’t been back since their first anniversary, which made it even more fun to relive their story. As it turns out, the same bartender was serving up drinks the night they met and the night of our shoot. I think all the memories brought out even a bit more romance.

suzanne-andy-san-francisco-north-beach-russian-hill-engagement-photos- at the bar where they met in sf- sausalito couple kisses

We had so much fun and now we can’t wait for their wedding in just a few short weeks. This was just a smattering of all the amazing photos we were able to get of this awesome couple. I would definitely recommend checking out their slideshow for more from Suzanne and Andy’s SF e-session.


Time After Time

I am so excited to be sharing a sneak preview of images from Jackie and William’s amazing wedding at a private club in the Back Bay. I am limited by what I can show you at the request of the club management and their members, but I am able to share a few snippets from William’s getting ready, the portraits along Commonwealth Ave and a few details. So I hope you enjoy.

Dave started the day with William at the Boston Harbor Hotel, where he was getting ready. This view from William’s room would totally put anyone in the right frame of mind- peaceful, serene, stunning.

jackie_william_back_bay_wedding- boston harbor hotel view from 12th floor- groom getting ready

William was very excited about the tux he had custom-made by Brooks Brothers for the occasion. It seems only fitting that he receive artful photos of his attire.

jackie_william_back_bay_wedding- groom getting ready at boston harbor hotel- brooks brothers tux vest

A final check….

jackie_william_back_bay_wedding- boston harbor hotel getting ready for groom- as he straightens his bow tie

The effort and choices he made were impeccable. He looked so dashing.

jackie_william_back_bay_wedding- groom and rolls royce limo under the boston harbor hotel at rowes wharf arch- boston ma

William made his way to the club in a Rolls Royce, arriving in high style.

jackie_william_back_bay_wedding- view from rolls royce as groom arrives at chilton club on commonwealth ave

Meanwhile, Jackie was at the club getting ready. She chose a Vera Wang gown; the fabric flowed beautifully and totally showed off her figure. Plus the texture and shape was a perfect match for the cherry blossoms, which she used throughout to decorate.

jackie_william_back_bay_wedding-- brides getting ready- view of her vera wang gown from the back

After they saw each other for the first time (a truly emotional and beautiful experience), we popped outside for some photos around the Back Bay. Comm Ave is surrounded by gorgeous brownstones and a tree lined pedestrian way, so finding locations was no challenge. Plus we still had the Rolls Royce to play with.

jackie_william_back_bay_wedding- bride and groom during portraits on commonwealth ave in boston mass

Such a gentleman…

jackie_william_back_bay_wedding- groom helps bride with train on her vera wang wedding dress- crossing commonwealth ave in front of the chilton club in boston ma

jackie_william_back_bay_wedding- bride and groom's formal portraits on commonwealth ave in boston massachusetts

jackie_william_back_bay_wedding-boston ma private club

And a few little bits from the ceremony. The groom’s vows…

jackie_william_back_bay_wedding- the grooms vows during a ceremony at a private club in boston ma

The embrace.

jackie_william_back_bay_wedding- bride and groom embrace during ceremony at oldest private women's club in boston ma

And a post ceremony portrait of their gorgeous puppy, who also played the roll of ring bearer. He was so cute walking down the aisle, and looked so handsome with his bowtie.

jackie_william_back_bay_wedding- bride and groom's cute dog after the ceremony- all dress up with a bow tie and special leash for his roll as ring bearer

More to share soon, but if you want more now, and I wouldn’t blame you, definitely check out Jackie and William’s engagement session in Princeton and their love story by Generations Cinemastories.

Hot & Cool Perfection

She’s energetic, sassy and fashionable. He’s cool, calm and collected. His wild side gets its chance to shine when he rides his motorcycle (a beautiful Harley Davidson); her creative juices get flowing when she talks style. They are a perfect match. And they are so fun to be around.


We met up with Donna and Jimmy at a little park in quaint Ashland, Mass. We were amazed at the options in such a small space, but the lake, the budding flowers of early spring, the bridge and waterfall and of course, Donna and Jimmy gave us so much to work with. So here’s a taste of their engagement session.

donna_harley_davidson_engagement_session- couple in park for e-session- ashland, ma

donna_harley_davidson_engagement_session- older couple kisses in ashland park during e-session

donna_harley_davidson_engagement_session- bride and groom to be on bridge at waterfall in ashland mass park

donna_harley_davidson_engagement_session- groom to be during engagement session- jimmy

donna_harley_davidson_engagement_session- bride and groom to be on bench overlooking pond during early spring in massachusetts

donna_harley_davidson_engagement_session- early spring flowers budding behind couple during e-session- outside boston ma

donna_harley_davidson_engagement_session- couple on motorcycle during e-session outside boston ma

donna_harley_davidson_engagement_session- bride to be hanging out on fiance's motorcycle during e-session outside boston massachusetts

donna_harley_davidson_engagement_session- hanging out with the wheels during e-session portraits metro west boston

Want a few more? Check out their slideshow. And check back later this summer for images from their wedding at the Exchange Conference Center in Boston.

Rockstars in Golden Gate

We’ve been holding out on you. I apologize. It’s true. We have a few weddings, engagement sessions, and portrait sessions from 2009 that we haven’t shared yet, not to mention tons of inspiring details from our fabulous couples. It wasn’t from lack of desire, trust me, because what I have to show you is amazing. We just ran out of time this fall with so many great events going on. But don’t worry, we will hold out no longer.


I am going to start with one truly awesome engagement session to kick off the season of sharing. Judy and Burgess are a ton of fun. Dave met up with them just a bit before their wedding to make sure they had a chance to do their engagement session and get a little practice in front of the camera. As it turns out, they needed no practice whatsoever. These two were totally at ease and looked great from every possible angle.

San Francisco‘s Golden Gate Park offers a plethora of backdrops and opportunities. One of our faves is the tower in the de Young Museum- a super cool space with great views of the city and the bay.

judy_burgess_sf_engagement- de young museum session- san francisco ca

judy_burgess_sf_engagement- photos taken at de young museum in northern california

Of course the landscape surrounding the museum isn’t bad either.

judy_burgess_sf_engagement- san fran couple to be married at blackhawk country club in danville ca

judy_burgess_sf_engagement- blackhawk country club wedding followed this couples engagement session in san francisco ca

judy_burgess_sf_engagement- bay area couple photo session in golden gate park- northern cali

judy_burgess_sf_engagement- couple portrait in golden gate park- sf bay area

Playful rockstar look. They totally have this down.

judy_burgess_sf_engagement- hollywood rockstar look for portrait session in northern california

judy_burgess_sf_engagement- couple on steps outside de young museum in golden gate park

judy_burgess_sf_engagement- paparazzi shot of couple walking through golden gate park with sunglasses

And a few more romantic images.

judy_burgess_sf_engagement- couple so cute together in golden gate park, san francisco ca

I love how playful they are together.

judy_burgess_sf_engagement- couple plays in golden gate park for romantic and playful photo session- northern cali

If you want to see more of Judy and Burgess, check out their engagement PicFlick and stay tuned for photos from their wedding at Blackhawk Country Club.


We met so many great couples during the bridal shows. Your stories were romantic and inspiring. We hope to get to know many of you even better. If you would like to set up an appointment to visit with us at our studio, please email us and we will find a time that works for you.


And now, the winner of our free engagement session is…. Alex Wyrondek. Congrations, Alex. I will be sending you all the details in an email, but feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Happy wedding planning to you all!

Want to see more engagement sessions? Check them out on the blog here.

The Scoop: Erin and Vitali’s Wedding

I am so excited to share the second installment of Erin and Vitali’s wedding. You may recall that they were married at the Lord Thompson Manor in Thompson, Conn. In the first post, I made it to the beginning of ceremony so there is lots more to share.

Allow me to set the scene. The day was gorgeous with blue skies above. Erin and Vitali were surrounded by their family and friends, and stood under trees and this beautiful gazebo with the gorgeous mansion behind them.

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding- ceremony site- gazebo in ct

Some moments were tender…

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding-bride and groom during ct ceremony

And some amusing. The groom’s best man was his son; it took him a second to remember where he had placed the rings. But he held it together and provided them in due course.

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding-ring bearer delivers the rings in thompson conn

Little tubes of bubbles were placed at each person’s seat. They were blown after Erin and Vitali’s kiss and as they exited, and then everyone continued to blow bubbles until they received another kind of bubbles in preparation for the toast. Blowing bubbles can be addictive that way. Everyone loves bubbles. Erin’s dad especially loved blowing the bubbles. Love it!

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding- guest blow bubbles during photos

The Lord Thompson Manor has a great set up for the toasts.

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding- best man give his speech in connecticut

Erin’s brother provided the stories and words of wisdom. He had Erin and her family in stitches.

We followed the toast with a few portraits. I especially wanted to capture something special of Erin and her grandmother. Erin’s mother had told me how close they are.

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding- bride with her grandmother in conn

And of course, I had a little time with our bride and groom. This is one of my favorites. They seem so at ease and totally themselves in this moment.

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding- bride and groom for portraits in ct

Cocktail hour awaited! And what would a cocktail hour be without a signature cocktail? Apparently Vitali doesn’t drink, but because he is a white Russian he and Erin thought it only appropriate that they serve White Russian’s at their wedding. Too funny! Here we have a pair of white Russians.

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding- bride and groom's signature cocktail  in ct

The joy of the evening was definitely catchy and everyone was feeling a bit spunky. Erin’s parents Marion and Jack were hilarious as they danced their way in during their entrance.

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding- mob and fob enter in style

After the rest of the bridal party and Erin and Vitali’s dog entered, they made their grand entrance. They immediately started their first dance.

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding-bride and groom's first dance

One young lady was inspired to start dancing afterwards. Can’t blame her, it was a beautiful first dance.

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding-guests dance during reception

Keirnan of KCK Photography, my partner for the day, captured this moment during the cake cutting. So much joy. Of course, who wouldn’t be joyous with two amazing cakes sitting right in front of them. The groom’s cake was brought in from their favorite bakery in New York as a special treat.

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding- bride and groom cut the cake

After Erin and Vitali each had a taste, Erin shared the red velvet cake with the kids. Yum.

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding- bride and groom share the cake

Our evening was drawing to a close, but I wanted to make sure to get a few photos on the grounds before we left. The Manor looks absolutely stunning at night. I am so glad Erin and Vitali were up for a couple more portraits. My parting shot.


What an amazing day! There are so many people to thank for making it great.

First of all, Jackie and her team at the Lord Thompson Manor. Great work! Everything was perfect.

And the team of professionals that Erin, Marion and Jackie assembled.

Thanks to the following for completing Erin and Vitali’s looks:
Hair and make-up: The KISS Spa
Gown Designer: Pronovias of Spain from Mariella Creations
Groom and Groomsmen’s Attire: Formals by Antonio

And for creating the atmosphere and making the day even sweeter, thanks to:
Ceremony Musicians: Fensgate Chamber Players
Reception Band: Radiance
Floral Design: The Flowering Vine
Bride’s cake: Something Sweet by Michelle
Groom’s Cake: Two Little Red Hens Bakery

I also want to send out lots of kudos to Erin and Marion who teamed up to create the gorgeous invitations and other paper products. Your handy work absolutely paid off. Beautiful!

A very special thanks to Keirnan of KCK Photography for joining me this day. I so appreciate you and your talent. You are amazing. Thank you!

Finally, I want to thank Erin and Vitali and your wonderful family and friends for inviting us into this very special day.

For those of you who want to see a few more, definitely check out their Sneak Preview and their Slideshow.

A Bit of History and the Start of Something New

Erin and Vitali are such a great match- they both value their families and each other completely. Vitali totally makes Erin laugh. And Erin watches out and protects Vitali. Perfect! Add to that a plethora of adoring friends and you have just the right mix for not only a fabulous wedding day, but also an amazing life together.

Erin and Vitali chose The Lord Thompson Manor as the backdrop for their special day. The Lord Thompson Manor brings back the joy of weekend getaways from times gone by. It’s perfect for a destination wedding, where friends and family can join you for an extended period of time.

After the rehearsal, Vitali spent the night at the Manor. On Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, Erin was treated to spa fun with the girls at the Cottage. I arrived to capture some special details and some of her getting ready.

Erin’s dress was beautiful. She had a complete look that totally fit with the style of her wedding at the Manor- elegant- and definitely influenced by the 1920′s.

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding- bride's wedding gown

The KISS spa is a serene place to spend a few hours. Everything is white on white. So of course, Erin’s bouquet of pinks, greens, and purples popped against the backdrop. That’s Erin getting her hair done with her mom and maid of honor watching in the background.

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding- bride gets ready at cottage kiss spa, ct

Checking out the make-up…

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding- ct bride gets ready at kiss spa

Even Erin’s dad had a little work done.

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding- bride's dad gets his hair done in ct

What an embrace! You can feel the love Erin has for her brother. He played an integral role in their day, as the brides’ best man. He stood on Erin’s side next to her Maid of Honor and gave the toast. She found a truly special way to honor him and their friendship.

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding- bride hugs brother and best man in connecticut

Erin’s mom helped her with the finishing touches up in her bridal suite.

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding- mother of the bride helps her get ready in conn

The antique lavalier is Erin’s something old. The necklace belonged to Erin’s Great-Grandmother who passed it on to Erin’s Grandmother who passed it on to Erin’s Mother who wore it on her wedding day.

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding-something old worn by bride- thompson ct

When Erin was all ready, her friends joined her at the spa. I love the smiles on all of the ladies, each expression tells a different story.

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding- bride surrounded by girlfriends at cottage spa

For this very special occassion, I was joined by Keirnan of KCK Photography. Not only is she a hugely talented photographer, she is wonderful to work with. Thank you, Keirnan, for helping me out and a huge thanks to your family for giving you up for the day. I totally appreciate it.

Keirnan popped over the Manor to get a few of Vitali and his kids as they were getting ready.

Here’s Vitali helping his son and groomsman.

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding- groom helps his son get ready

And some special portraits. All the kids….

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding- groom's side portrait

One more of the pup- because I LOVE this photo. Keirnan prefectly captured this adorable moment.

erin_vitali_lord_thompson_manor_wedding- bride and groom's dog prepares for wedding

I will leave you with a teaser, one image I captured as Erin walked down the aisle on her dad’s arm, a prelude of what’s to come. Though I placed it at the end of the post, it is definitely “the beginning.”

erin_vitali_ct_destination_wedding-lord thompson manor

There’s lots more to come… the ceremony, the toasts, the dinner, the cake, the party, and some fabulous portraits. So check back soon!

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