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Fabulous Fall Fun

Katie and Jamie’s wedding is this weekend at the Crane Estate and we couldn’t be more excited. I thought it would be perfect given that, and this divinely early autumn weather, to celebrate with a few images from their engagement session last year. They treated us to a tour of their Boston relationship- starting with the Starbucks where they met up before their first date, a walk down the streets of the Back Bay where they spent so much time, and a visit to the Charles River. We had a glorious day and even got to play in the leaves. Simply too much fun!

Appropriate start, no?!

You can see more from Katie & Jamie’s fabulous Boston fall engagement session in the Back Bay and along the Charles river here.


Amanda + Ed in Cambridge

Just finished working on Amanda and Ed’s wedding album (check out the photos from their Copley Plaza wedding), and thought it would be fun to look back at our first session together. We had a blast wandering around Cambridge last summer- hung out on the steps of Harvard‘s library, enjoyed the city streets and Weeks Bridge, and ultimately found our way to John Harvard’s Brewery & Ale House, a favorite hang out and site of the rehearsal dinner for this duo.

cambridge-engagement-harvard- campus e session

cambridge-engagement-harvard- library steps e-session

cambridge-engagement-harvard- library columns e-session

cambridge-engagement-harvard- streets of cambridge e-session

cambridge-engagement-harvard- weeks bridge

cambridge-engagement-harvard- weeks footbridge e-session

cambridge-engagement-harvard- backlit sweetness e-session

cambridge-engagement-harvard- brew pub e-session

cambridge-engagement-harvard- john harvard brewery and alehouse rehearsal dinner and e-session

Want more from Amanda and Ed? Check out their wedding part 1, part 1,2 and their e-session slideshow.


The Wings of Swans

Today, I heard the wings of swans, sang with a chorus of geese, and saw a wild beaver for the first time.

It is spring. A short paddle on the Charles River made it official.

The true color of the sky.

The swan whose wings hummed.

The concept behind this collection: A time of transition- on the cusp of spring, but still with a hint of winter.

Love at Bar Lola

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming…. Yup that’s right. You already saw these two get married, or at least the beginning of the wedding festivities, so while you are waiting for the final installment, I thought I would share a few from their super fun engagement session. They took us through their old stomping grounds of Boston’s beautiful Back Bay and then to the Charles River.

We started at Bar Lola, infamous for their first date and many others after that. The bartender knew them by name, knew their favorite drinks, even knew what to song to play for them. In fact, that first date ended with dancing right about here….


Since they used to live in the Back Bay, they spent time all around Commonwealth Ave. And it is perfect for photos.



As we made our way to the Charles River, we couldn’t help but enjoy this picturesque neighborhood.


More dancing.



Enjoying the view.


And a few more in the city they love…



If you want more from their engagement session, definitely check out the slideshow.

And now we return to our regularly scheduled programming. More from Janette & Wes’ Very Boston Wedding at the Trinity Church, Public Gardens and Fairmont Copley Plaza to follow soon.

Ayesha+Jon+Lucy=A Perfect Engagement

When Jon proposed to Ayesha, let’s just say she wasn’t expecting it. They were walking their pup, Lucy, along the Charles River and it was quite late at night. In fact, Ayesha said something to the effect of I am glad I don’t have anything valuable with me because they weren’t the only ones out that late. Jon just smiled to himself. Of course, they had nothing to fear with their beautiful giant French Mastiff Lucy by their side. So when he found the perfect spot, a dock along the river overlooking Cambridge, Jon popped the question. As you can imagine, Ayesha happily said yes!

For their engagement session, we knew two things. First, we had to find our way to that dock. And second, Lucy would have to make an appearance. So we started our foggy morning e-session at the river esplanade.

charles-river-boston-back-bay-engagement-session- bridge e-session ma

charles-river-boston-back-bay-engagement-session- park by water e-session massachusetts

charles-river-boston-back-bay-engagement-session- fiance e-session walking on bridge

I love how they hold hands.

charles-river-boston-back-bay-engagement-session- fingers holding hands e-session in mass

And we made our way from the bridges and green spaces to the infamous dock.


charles-river-boston-back-bay-engagement-session- bride and groom to be with river views

This one reminds me of cornfields, which in turns reminds me of the midwest. And since they met at Ohio State, I find it all very fitting.

charles-river-boston-back-bay-engagement-session- in a corn field- ohio

Lucy steals the show as we take her for a walk and some playtime in the Back Bay.

charles-river-boston-back-bay-engagement-session- family session with pup lucy

charles-river-boston-back-bay-engagement-session- comm ave session with dog- furkid

Along the beautiful tree lined path of Commonwealth Ave, a spot the family enjoys often. I love Lucy’s expression.

charles-river-boston-back-bay-engagement-session- bride and groom to be with their dog lucy on commonwealth ave

If you want more of Ayesha, Jon and Lucy’s Charles River engagement session and Back Bay family session, definitely check out their slideshow. So much fun!

Kicking up their Heels

When last I wrote about Jess and Dan’s wedding day, I shared the getting ready, a few portraits, and a teaser for the ceremony. If you haven’t checked those out, here’s a teaser from the portraits. A quick note about this image. This was Jess’ inspired idea. We loved it and so we all made the walk to Harvard Square from the Charles River. So glad we did.


And now for the rest of the good stuff. The ceremony and reception. Dan gazing at Jess.

cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma-groom during ceremony at rialto restaurant

And what a kiss! Check out how all the guests are cheering them on.

cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- bride and groom kiss at end of rialto wedding ceremony, guests cheer

Right into their first dance. Literally. I mean they walked 2 steps and started dancing. How sweet is that.

cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- bride and groom first dance surrounded by guests, intimate wedding at rialto restaurant

A moment in time from the dance.

cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- bride and groom's first dance- rialto event space

Observing it all.

cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- guest watches

Since it was an intimate wedding, every single person had a special connection to our couple. This made for some wonderful moments. Jess and a friend admiring each other’s fashion choices.

cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- bride shows off her dress to guest at rialto restaurant

The guests also knew each other, for the most part, so they all really enjoyed catching up as well.

cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- best man celebrates his speech and greets guests

Oh, and we were told that Dan would only be on the dance floor once, during his first dance. "Dan doesn’t dance," we were informed. Well, you can imagine how surprised everyone was when they were able to drag him onto the dance floor. And I would venture to say he enjoyed himself. Loving how he is surrounded by the ladies.

cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- groom dances with guests at rialto wedding

And another one, just to prove it wasn’t short lived, our groom kicking up his heels with his bride. Nice moves, you two!

cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- bride and groom kicking up their heels on the dance floor

What a night! Huge thanks to Jess and Dan for including us in your intimate wedding. It was such a joy celebrating with you and your guests.

Many thanks to all of the professionals who helped make their wedding amazing:
Getting ready venue: the staff of The Charles Hotel
Ceremony and reception site: Annie Sarkis from the Rialto Restaurant
Planner, caterer and cake: Annie Sarkis from Rialto
Floral design: Hiroko Takeshita of Hanaya Floral Design
Invitations and save the dates: Paper Source

Hair: Jessica Diop from Aquinn Hair Studio
Gown designer: Amsale
Bridesmaids dresses: Amsale
Groom’s suit: Hugo Boss
Groomsman suit: Joseph Abboud

Can’t get enough? Me neither. Check out more from Jess and Dan’s engagement session, sneak peek, and slideshow.

Family, Food & Art

An intimate wedding with their closest family and friends, amazing food and wine, and works of art surrounding them…. These were the elements that Jess and Dan sought when celebrating their wedding. When they discovered that one of their favorite restaurants Rialto had a private event space, they knew they had found their location. The space offered the intimacy they wanted as well as the good eats.

Because the restaurant is located in the Charles Hotel, it was only natural for Jess and Dan to get ready there as well.


Jess had the help of a few close friends as she prepped.

cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- bride gets ready before seeing groom for first time- west of boston

Loving this image Dave captured of Dan getting ready. A completely different take on it.

cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- the hour draws closer as groom prepares suburbs of boston massachusetts

I took a little liberty and included this image of Dan’s niece and nephew with his getting ready photos, even though it happened during his 2nd getting ready. Aren’t they adorable?!

cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- boys and girls enjoy while groom gets ready for his ceremony

After both Jess and Dan were ready, we brought them outside to a secluded walkway near the hotel so they could see each other for the first time in private.

Dan awaiting Jess’ arrival.

cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- groom ready to see bride for first time

Jess is full of spunk, and this photo totally captures her personality. She did, indeed, boogie down the path to go meet her groom. I’m surprised we were able to keep our camera’s straight as we were laughing pretty hard.

cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- bride playing as she walks to see her groom for the first time- near boston mass

When they saw each other, it was all tenderness; the mood changed to one of joy and peace.

cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- taking it in, seeing her groom for the first time; bride is emotional


cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- hands touching of bride and groom when see each other for first time along a path near the charles river

Of course, the benefits of seeing each other beforehand are many. One of the reasons Jess and Dan chose to do so was so they would have enough time for their portraits, and be able to attend cocktail hour. We definitely love having the time to play around with our couples before their ceremony. Relaxed, fun, beautiful portraits come out of that time. A few of my faves.

Classic beauty.

cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- couples portraits in the park for bride and groom before their ceremony- near charles river

Smoky sensuality.

cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- bride and groom's portraits in jfk park near charles river, massachusetts


cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- enjoying the look of their clothing- bride and groom suit and wedding dress and bouquet

Oh, and here’s a good time to talk about the structural art surrounding them. First of all, Jess chose this phenomenal couture wedding dress by Amsale. And she worked with her florist to create floral arrangements that had depth and dimension. You can see it here in her bouquet and later in the table arrangments.

We worked our way back to the hotel for a few touch ups and to hide Jess away in the restaurant so none of the guests would see her. While we waited for the ceremony, we captured a few of Jess alone.

cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- bridal portrait before her ceremony at the rialto restaurant- calm moment

The guests gathered in the ceremony room, and then the music changed. It was Jess’ entry music. The curtains were drawn. And ….

cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- just before bride enters to walk down the aisle for her ceremony at the rialto restaurant

You will have to check back for the rest from Jess and Dan’s wedding day. They are not quite ready. But if you need another fix now, you can see a few from their engagement session.

Science Museum Soiree

Last night, I had the pleasure of sharing the photos from Becky and Neil’s wedding with them. It was such fun catching up, hearing about their Hawaii honeymoon adventures, and of course, reminiscing about their day as we looked through the photos. And what a day it was! You know it’s good times when scientists get married at a science museum.

First of all, there is romance. The Washburn Pavilion let in beautiful afternoon light and provided views of the Charles River as Becky and Neil exchanged their vows.

becky-neil-museum-of-science-wedding-cambridge-ma- washburn pavilion wedding ceremony at the mos, boston, mass

Their parents and friends were alternating between smiles and tears. And sometimes both.

becky-neil-museum-of-science-wedding-cambridge-ma- groom's parents during washburn pavilion wedding ceremony in boston, mass

Becky and Neil chose red, black and white for their colors- formal with a splash of fun. They also happen to be the colors of the Museum of Science, a very nice tie-in. The bridesmaids carried bouquets of red roses and wore red sashes.

becky-neil-museum-of-science-wedding-cambridge-ma- bridesmaids bouquets during ceremony at washburn pavilion,, red roses

Loving this moment just before the kiss. Such joy!

becky-neil-museum-of-science-wedding-cambridge-ma- bride and groom laughing during mos wedding in washburn pavilion- boston

Then there is the fun- it’s a museum and a fun one! I mean, really, what could be better than a museum that has stairs that play music?

After the ceremony, we took a quick tour of the museum to capture some portraits of Becky and Neil in and among the exhibits. Our first stop was the dinosaurs, but on the way, I wanted to capture Becky and Neil in the midst of it all.

becky-neil-museum-of-science-wedding-cambridge-ma- bride and groom portraits in mos- escalator to blue exhibit hall- boston

We just had to play around with this big ole dinosaur. This reminds of the TV show Land of the Lost.

becky-neil-museum-of-science-wedding-cambridge-ma- newlyweds portraits escaping the dinosaur- land of lost photo at mos- boston massachusetts

And then of course, there was this super cool physics machine/toy and the sky at dusk.

becky-neil-museum-of-science-wedding-cambridge-ma- couples portrait at mos- colorful physics game- boston massachusetts

When we returned, it was time for the reception. Becky and Neil kicked things off with their first dance. They were great. They took lessons and had the dance choreographed; they totally sold the dance with their energy and connection to each other.

becky-neil-museum-of-science-wedding-cambridge-ma- choreographed first dance by bride and groom in the mos tent overlooking the charles river- boston ma

Their guests were understandably mesmerized.


Becky’s maid of honor toasted the couple…

becky-neil-museum-of-science-wedding-cambridge-ma- moh toast at mos reception- under the tent by the Charles River- boston, mass

And brought tears to Becky’s eyes.

becky-neil-museum-of-science-wedding-cambridge-ma- bride tears up during moh speech at mos tent reception- boston

Enjoying a moment with her parents.

becky-neil-museum-of-science-wedding-cambridge-ma- bride checks in with mom and dad during reception at mos- under the tent overlooking charles river

At their sweetheart table, they steal a kiss.

becky-neil-museum-of-science-wedding-cambridge-ma- peeking into the mos tent during reception- bride and groom kiss- boston

As Becky danced with her father, her mom watched on.

becky-neil-museum-of-science-wedding-cambridge-ma- mom and brother watch bride dance with her father at mos reception- boston

Becky had a very special treat for Neil. Becky had actually sung with the band they hired for their wedding a couple times.

becky-neil-museum-of-science-wedding-cambridge-ma- boston's mos reception- guitarist plays with band

So she decided to serenade Neil with a special song. How cool is that!

becky-neil-museum-of-science-wedding-cambridge-ma- bride sings to groom at boston's mos reception

For us, the evening came to a close after her song. What a treat it was to be able to spend this day with Becky and Neil. To our newlyweds- you guys are fabulous and your friends and family are lovely. What a truly wonderful day it was! We are so grateful we could be there to document it for you.

Also, special thanks go out to all of the professionals who helped create an amazing day for Becky and Neil:
Getting ready site: Austin Horn from the Royal Sonesta Hotel, Cambridge
Ceremony and reception venue: Leigh-Ann French from the Museum of Science
Caterer: Keith Mahoney from Wolfgang Puck
Floral design: Darlene from Kaleidoscope Florals
Ceremony musicians: Kristine & Steven Kirby of Alla Breve Duo
Band: SirTunes (aka Pete Massa Band)

Definitely check out more from Becky and Neil- their engagement session, sneak preview, and wedding slideshow.

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