Album Peak: Becky & Danny’s Newport Wedding

People often ask us how we spend the winter months since most of our weddings are photographed in the summer. The answer is simple: albums. Our creative juices keep on flowing and most of our brides and grooms are ready to begin making their albums about 6 months after their wedding. So while it is blustery outside, we hunker down in front of our computers designing albums and prepping the files. I thought I would share a little sneak peak from a current album.

Becky and Danny got married at The Chanler at Cliff Walk in Newport, RI. They actually had a super colorful (lots of fresh pinks and greens) wedding. And most of their album reflects that aspect of the day. So I was so excited to use some of the black and white images and create this spread. I love the moments I was able to include- the large image was just after Danny gave his speech and went to steal a kiss from Becky. The other 3 images were captured during their first dance.
chanler at cliff walk- newport ri wedding album design

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Fabulous Photo Fashion

We recently got these fabulous photo bags and I just had to share. They are perfect for pets (a la Max), kids and even certain wedding pix. One bride thought she might get them as gifts for her bridesmaids. I used to hate having a purse because I thought I would leave it somewhere. I love this so much I wear it everywhere. I love that Max is on it and in it. Definitely brings a smile to my face.

Dave’s messenger bag
messenger photo bag

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What’s up with Trashing the Dress?

One new trend in wedding photography is a “Trash the Dress” session. It’s a fashion style newlywed shoot in which the bride (and sometimes the groom) get all dressed up again. Then they go places they couldn’t have or wouldn’t have gone on their wedding day. And pose for shots in the water, on the ground, or up a tree. Not many women choose to literally trash their dresses, and many can see the appeal. After all, it is a great chance to wear the dress again.

On the wedding day, brides and their attendants and their families are concerned about keeping the dress clean- for the pictures and for everyone to see the bride at her best. I know how that is. I didn’t want to get wet and dirty on my wedding day either. And of course, I wanted to look good in the pix.

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The Scoop: The Silk Album Debut

Announcing our newest product: the Silk Album.

We were so excited when our newest demo arrived by UPS a couple of weeks ago. We couldn’t wait to share this stunning album with everyone. This album is a delight to see and touch. The cover comes in raw silk or silk brocade- we chose a chocolate raw silk for the book and ice blue raw silk for the box. The satin ribbons are wonderful accents to the box and the binding of the book. Once you open the book, you feel one more reason this book is special. The mats of the Silk Album are made of watercolor paper. And the edges have a soft torn look. The album is handcrafted. Every turn of the page feels luxurious.

The album arrives wrapped in thick velum paper….


Bow accent on the box

Silk Album Box Bow

Beautiful ribbon binding
Silk Album in Box

A peak inside our demo
Silk Album Interior

Soft torn edges
Silk Album Mat Edges

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