The Enchanting Mr. C

Young Mr. C… he has a million different expressions, each sweeter than the next. We had the pleasure of photographing him towards the end of the summer when the grass was a deep green. As we bring winter to a close, it felt timely to share these images of this little guy, who brightens the room.

We started the session at the Wellesley Public Library, because Mr. C loves books. There were also toys to play with.


Taking a break from the fun.


His special look for his mom.


Then we ventured outside the Wellesley Town Hall. With a fresh green backdrop and a comfortable spot under a tree, we played some more.



I love these cheeks.


Storytime was enjoyed outside more than in.



He is so inquisitive; he wanted to explore the park.


When he wasn’t enjoying his favorite toys.



More exploring.


Probably my favorite smile (though it is really hard to pick one). I just love the twinkle in his eyes.


Want more of Mr. C? Can’t blame you there. Check out his slideshow.

Junior Super Hero

Junior is growing up and his family is simply growing. He has a new sister now. Of course, that meant a great chance to document his family and the ways it is changing. We joined them for a Sunday morning at their home.

First off, meet our superhero. Very serious.

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- super hero portrait

And he climbs trees.

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- little boy climbing tree

He can wrestle them (or hug them).


And he can fly.

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- flying from the tree

He loves being with his family.

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- traditional portrait but with personality

He watches over his little sister (or at least that’s what I like to call it).

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- checking out his new sister

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- little boy holds new sisters hand

She’s a cute little gal.

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- sweet sleeping baby


family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- tiny bits of a baby

And sweet coy smiles.

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- a coy look from baby girl

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- naked baby cuteness

A few more… did I mention that Junior didn’t really like to sit still? Yup, not so much. His dad was having fun playing with him.

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- dad wrangles the 4 year old boy

A recurring look on his face. Hilarious!

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- little boy with his family for a photo

Want more from our super hero session? Check out their slideshow here.

Family Portraits in the Park

On a recent trip to California, we had the pleasure of meeting up with a couple of our past wedding clients who now have a one year old. We absolutely LOVE getting to see Allegro families grow and getting to meet the next generation. This little guy was an absolute doll. He has beautiful blue eyes like his mom and loves playing with his dad. I am so glad we had this chance to get together at a beautiful little park.


baby-family-portraits-park- little boy holding hands with mom and dad

The ball is a favorite toy for sure.

baby-family-portraits-park- with his big ball

Flying with daddy.

baby-family-portraits-park- flying

baby-family-portraits-park- practicing walking with mom

He loves being in his red wagon.

baby-family-portraits-park- happy to be in his wagon

Especially standing up. Oh my!

baby-family-portraits-park- proud of his wagon

"When can I climb this, momma?"

baby-family-portraits-park- contemplating climbing the tree

And of course, we captured a few more traditional portraits. I especially love when mom and dad are in the photos. I know most parents want photos of their children, but years from now, the value of the photos will increase, because the children will want these photos of them with their parents.

baby-family-portraits-park- with mom and dad

And one last fun one as our little buddy considers what mischief he can cause next.

baby-family-portraits-park- trying to go it along with mom and dad supporting in the background

Hugs to the whole family and thank you so much for inviting us to capture these images for you!

Want more? Check out their slideshow.

Simple Details Covered

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing the creative ladies of SD Events. Their team was growing and changing and that called for a new set of photos for this talented crew. So please allow me to introduce…

Tasha Bracken, the founder of SD Events, she not only has vision, but she is extraordinarily calm and organized. When I work with her, I know that my job will be that much easier because she has everything covered.


Next, please meet Ivy Finn. Ivy is the newest member of the team and is known for her unexpected ideas and her enthusiasm. She has created parties from fantistically fun bar and bat mitzvahs to sophisticated charity events.


And finally, Jessica Feroli. Jess is a talented event producer as well as keeping the office in tip-top shape. She loves all of the do-it-yourself projects that go along with event planning and brings her skills to the table with imagination.


The three hanging out in their studio.


If you are looking for a planner for your next event, I would highly recommend giving these ladies a call. They are based outside Boston and have worked around the world. They will wow you with their knowledge and inspired ideas!

Just to give you a taste of the excitement they can bring to an event, check out their studio. I love this space. It’s chic and modern and bold. Simply beautiful!


At Home Family Portrait

Love this San Jose family. Their older boy is full of energy and so engaging and his new baby brother is all about cuteness. We met up with them about a month after the little guy was born. We had a warm sunny California day. Their home and yard were the perfect backdrops for the portrait session.





Playing around.


Or trying at least.


Sleepy, sleepy.





One more bit of fun. Anything for an orange.


Want more of this fabulous family? Check them out here.

MIT Grad!

Last spring, we celebrated this young woman’s graduation with a portrait session on the MIT campus, her new alma mater. She was embarking on a grand adventure, moving across the country to a new job and it just felt right to commemorate her time here in the Boston area. She is a bright, beautiful young woman with the world ahead of her. We wish her all the best in her journey!








Growing Family in New Digs

For this family, change was part of their DNA. First the couple added their beautiful baby boy to the mix. Then they moved into a new home in Belmont, which they had custom designed. So when all of the changes were complete, it was time to have their portraits made in their new home.

The home offers amazingly beautiful light from oversized windows. We, of course, took advantage of that.

belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- home photo session

belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- windowlight stairwell at home

belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography-kisses for the baby

A few tidbits… hands.

belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- hands of baby


belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- baby toes and feet


belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- baby touche and thighs and feet and toes

This little guy is a big ham. Such cuteness.

belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- baby sucking finger

Smiles for his mom.

belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- with mom all smiles, baby flying in the air

I wonder what he is thinking.

belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- baby with dad in their loft by bricks

Smiles with his dad.

belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- baby and dad smiling in loft space of hoouse- brick background

The many faces of our boy.

belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- mass cute baby

belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- massachusetts uncertain baby

belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- metro west baby

Mom and dad are into really cool old cars. It’s important to pass on the love.

belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- dad sharing love of cars with baby

Not so sure.

belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- baby confused about cars

belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- family and their love of cars

One last image… one of my faves. Weighing the baby.

belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- baby in the scale

I really can’t get enough of this little guy and his parents. We had so much fun hanging out, celebrating all their new adventures.

Three Generations

Coming together to celebrate a very special birthday, grandma’s 75th, this family wanted to document the three generations in a beautiful portrait. They were having lunch at the Boston Ritz and we figured it would be the perfect place to meet. Plus we had hoped to go to the Commons or the Public Gardens if the weather cooperated. Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate, but fortunately the Ritz did. The staff gave us access to their event spaces so we would have some privacy for the portraits. Window light added the beautiful glow. But all of the warmth definitively comes from this family.

To kick things off, the birthday girl…


boston-family-portrait-ritz-carlton- 3 generations near the public gardens

boston-family-portrait-ritz-carlton- father and son portrait

Love this one.

boston-family-portrait-ritz-carlton- sister and brother photo

Such personality.

boston-family-portrait-ritz-carlton- mom and her kids

boston-family-portrait-ritz-carlton-2 generations

Total hams. They had been asking to do this for the whole session and we were thrilled for them to finish it off with their daring feat.

boston-family-portrait-ritz-carlton- kids fooling around all on their own

Want more? Check out their slideshow.

Fun with the Family

Thrilled to share a few photos from a fall family portrait session. We absolutely adore this crew. You can feel their warmth, their playfulness and their enjoyment spending time together. For their portraits, we focused on the ways in which they interact. I hope you will enjoy the hugs, the laughter, the joy of the trampoline, and the freedom of a bike ride. I am pleased to introduce one of our favorite Wellesley families.

wellesley-family-portrait-fall- family portrait with autumn colors near wellesley sq

wellesley-family-portrait-fall- home weston photographer metro west boston ma

wellesley-family-portrait-fall- kids photos at home

wellesley-family-portrait-fall- girl portrait on boulder at home near wellesley square

wellesley-family-portrait-fall- children and families photography metro west of boston ma

wellesley-family-portrait-fall- hanging out with family on a boulder at home

wellesley-family-portrait-fall- boy on trampoline metrowest of boston ma

wellesley-family-portrait-fall- family cycling together metro west boston ma- wellesley square

wellesley-family-portrait-fall- wellesley sq neighborhood kids on bikes for kids portraits

Thank you all. It was fabulous to work with you!

Want more? Check out their slideshow.

The Furkid & the Photographer

The thing about being a photographer is that it is all too easy to miss documenting your own life. And even more challenging to create photos of you with your family. We knew we wanted photos with our Giant Schnauzer Max (we have tons of images of him, and tons of him with each of us, but very few with him and both Dave and I). We also knew we were not alone in needing photos with our beloved canine baby. Amy Hawkes of Click Imagery is a supremely talented photographer in the Boston area, and she has a fabulous furkid, Jaxon. So we proposed a trade.

On one lovely afternoon in June, we ventured to Wellesley College‘s beautiful gardens for family photography and then a bite to eat. And here we have a few of our faves from the session.

Amy and Jax, all smiles.

wellesley-ma-dog-puppy-portrait-pet-photographer- college gardens portrait

Sweet moment.

wellesley-ma-dog-puppy-portrait-pet-photographer- college campus

Love how Jaxon looks up at Amy. So expectant and attentive.

wellesley-ma-dog-puppy-portrait-pet-photographer- dog and owner

Amy has a great sense of humor. This one absolutely captures the amusement in her relationship with Jaxon.

wellesley-ma-dog-puppy-portrait-pet-photographer- furkid session

More smiles.

wellesley-ma-dog-puppy-portrait-pet-photographer- happy dog and owner

Jaxon is a ball dog. And for those of you who have ball dogs, you understand the intensity involved.

wellesley-ma-dog-puppy-portrait-pet-photographer- ball dog getting his fave toy

Communicating about the ball.

wellesley-ma-dog-puppy-portrait-pet-photographer- ball dog under a tree

A simple portrait of Amy’s best friend.

wellesley-ma-dog-puppy-portrait-pet-photographer- handsome on a rock

Dave was fascinated with Jax’s squirrel like tail. (I imagine this was because Max didn’t have one, but I can’t be sure.)

wellesley-ma-dog-puppy-portrait-pet-photographer- dog tail

We left the cover of the trees for the warmth of the grasses. Jaxon has beautiful bright brown eyes.

wellesley-ma-dog-puppy-portrait-pet-photographer- in the brush bright eyes

Another thing about Amy, she’s a competitive runner and triathlete. So she and Jax often enjoy jogging together.

wellesley-ma-dog-puppy-portrait-pet-photographer- dog and mom running

Oh and a super cute High 5 trick.

wellesley-ma-dog-puppy-portrait-pet-photographer- high five or ten- paws in the air- furkid session- dogumentary photography

One last image, I think this is Dave’s favorite from the whole furkid session. So funny and whimsical.


Many thanks to Amy and Jaxon for spending the afternoon with us in Wellesley and being such great models. We love you guys!

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