Love at Bar Lola

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming…. Yup that’s right. You already saw these two get married, or at least the beginning of the wedding festivities, so while you are waiting for the final installment, I thought I would share a few from their super fun engagement session. They took us through their old stomping grounds of Boston’s beautiful Back Bay and then to the Charles River.

We started at Bar Lola, infamous for their first date and many others after that. The bartender knew them by name, knew their favorite drinks, even knew what to song to play for them. In fact, that first date ended with dancing right about here….


Since they used to live in the Back Bay, they spent time all around Commonwealth Ave. And it is perfect for photos.



As we made our way to the Charles River, we couldn’t help but enjoy this picturesque neighborhood.


More dancing.



Enjoying the view.


And a few more in the city they love…



If you want more from their engagement session, definitely check out the slideshow.

And now we return to our regularly scheduled programming. More from Janette & Wes’ Very Boston Wedding at the Trinity Church, Public Gardens and Fairmont Copley Plaza to follow soon.

A Guy and a Doll

For Monica and Ramy’s engagement session, they wanted to highlight some of their favorite parts of Boston- the red bricks and the green spaces. They chose the North End to do the former, and I suggested Christopher Columbus park for the latter. These two are side-by-side and perfectly compliment each other.

Monica shared one specific vision with me for their session, an image of them in a cafe, viewed through a window. We ended up finding this perfect little wine bar. So romantic.


Thinking back, we must have rescheduled this session a thousand times due to weather, but when we finally were able to do it, we were so lucky. We had a perfectly beautiful day with sunlight bouncing all around. This next image was captured with sunlight reflecting off a window. I love the warmth of it and the tenderness of their embrace.


One of my favorite spots in our Little Italy is this square that is actually a triangle. It’s across from Paul Revere‘s house, but also nearby some really cute restaurants. It’s often very crowded. Thank goodness, these two weren’t at all shy.


Did I mention that Ramy is a comedian? And Monica is a singer and dancer? They actually met while working on a production of Guys and Dolls. It was Ramy’s first stage show, so Monica showed him the ropes.


That also meant we had to fit a bit of dancing into our shoot.


There are also cute little shops that absolutely remind me of Italy. And the old fashioned looking bike didn’t hurt.


Ambiance and moments…


And flirtatious feet.


Stolen kisses.


Lookin’ good.


When I think of Christopher Columbus Park, I immediately think of the green archway. That said, I hadn’t seen it in a while and didn’t realize how much it had grown in. It was absolutely beautiful. A perfect backdrop for more formal portraits.


I had no idea there was this beautiful little rose garden here. Of course, they had to stop and smell the roses, and seal it with a kiss.


A truly fun evening with a wonderful couple. Their wedding at Belle Mer was just a few weeks ago (yup, we were cutting it a bit close with their session- all that darn rain) and it was absolutely fabulous. Can’t wait to share those photos too!

But if you want more now, check out their e-session slideshow.

Fenway Fun

So Cassie (one of our 2011 brides) writes to me and says, "What do you think about Fenway for our engagement session?" And I think in my head "YES!!!!" and then Dave suggests I ask a few more questions about how it works. Fortunately the answers matched up brilliantly with my excitement and Cassie and Dan were excited too! After all, how often do you get to spend time in Fenway and get to go pretty much wherever you want without anyone else around? Not nearly often enough.

We had a ball. The four of us (and our guide Taylor) meandered our way to various seating areas, with views of the field and the Green Monster, and some amazingly cool signage. We laughed, we cheered, they kissed and snuggled. It was pretty much just plain awesome. And so now we get to share a few photos from an afternoon well spent…

fenway-park-e-session-boston-ma- fan photographs for engagement

fenway-park-e-session-boston-ma- in the stands bride and groom to be hug

Especially fun way to make use of the empty seats. Yup, they are kissing as they cheer in the back. Looks like a Red Sox victory move to me.

fenway-park-e-session-boston-ma- love all over the place and a celebration kiss

fenway-park-e-session-boston-ma- in the stands kiss

I don’t think I actually realized there were seats up by the Green Monster.

fenway-park-e-session-boston-ma- above the green monster bleacher seats- snuggly

One of my favorite snuggling shots.

fenway-park-e-session-boston-ma- bride and groom to be snuggling over the field

Such history and such character in this park.


fenway-park-e-session-boston-ma- with signs and bricks

After our Fenway tour, we met up with the rest of the family. Meet Tank and Kona. Two of the cutest bulldogs (one English, one French) you have ever seen.

fenway-park-e-session-boston-ma- family portrait with 2 bull dogs

Walking the dogs around the park.

fenway-park-e-session-boston-ma- walking by the park- dog portraits

These pooches are fans, too.

fenway-park-e-session-boston-ma- puppy red sox fans

Really, just so many more fab images to share. Check ‘em out.

Cassie and Dan, thank you for an absolutely amazing afternoon. We can’t wait to celebrate with you this fall on Martha’s Vineyard!

Hoboken is Home

I’m on a bit of a stay-close-to-home kick right now. Not for me so much, but for our couples. We’ve had several engagement sessions in which our clients have chosen to do their shoot in and/or around their home, or got back to their roots. I LOVE this!!! It’s so nice to get to know people in their natural environments and we get a great sense of who they are and what they like to do, simply by walking by this cafe or that park.

And so it was with Cleo and Dieter. They had initially thought we should do the session in New York City, as they live right across from the Big Apple. But as the day approached, we realized that their town of Hoboken provided the perfect backdrop for their session. They showed us their favorite spots to walk and bike ride, and the views of Manhattan were the views they could see by stepping out their door. Absolutely perfect!

We started down by the water. You can pretty much see the Empire State Building from anywhere in town. I especially love this photo because their story is central, but there are also two other neighborhood stories and life cycle stories- the dad and his son on the right were fishing (future family) and the couple by the railing is an elderly couple (to me, symbolizing the golden years in Cleo and Dieter’s life together).


Dancing and fooling around. Why not?!


On our walk, we popped onto the campus of the Stevens Institute of Technology (Cleo takes a class here for fun). Wow, the views! It must be a great place to go to school.


Hoboken just built this fabulous new park on the water. And there was this beautiful bridge.


We finished our tour at the Hoboken Terminal (Dieter rides his bike through here every day). It has character and charm and few people on a Saturday. It is truly a gem of a spot.


Loving this simple formal portrait.


A quiet moment.


And this one with a bit more drama.


After we were done, we took a cab back to their apartment and enjoyed brunch at one of their neighborhood haunts. I couldn’t get over how great Hoboken was. Having never been there, I had no idea. Seeing the town through their eyes was such fun. And seeing them through a filter of their town helped me get to know Cleo and Dieter even better.

If you would like to see a few more, check out their slideshow.

A North End Treat

Taking a tour of the North End with Johnnie and Eleni was such a treat. This is one area of Boston that really speaks to who Johnnie is and the birth of their relationship. Not only does he seem to know everyone in town and every little nook and cranny of the neighborhood, but he took Eleni here for their first date. So we also got to hear the stories of that fateful night. Of course, the other treat came at the end of the session when we took their advice and picked up a cannoli at Modern Pastry.

One of my favorite images because it totally feels like Eleni and John. I can’t help falling in love with them.

north-end-boston-engagement-session bride and groom to be laughing in the street

north-end-boston-engagement-session- bride and groom snuggling by red brick

\north-end-boston-engagement-session- groom to be looking in the camera for portrait

north-end-boston-engagement-session- fiance kissing in the streets of MA

One of the things Johnnie wanted was to capture the alleyways and hidden places of the North End. So we ventured off Hanover Street and away from the Freedom Trail. We found beautiful secluded spots.

north-end-boston-engagement-session- couple in a hidden alley with a fire escape

Another favorite place of theirs is the narrowest house (and boy is it narrow), and they love the ironwork by that alley. So….


north-end-boston-engagement-session- eleni and john kiss in motorcycle mirror with movie flair

north-end-boston-engagement-session- snuggling in an alcove

north-end-boston-engagement-session- beautiful portrait of married couple to be

Of course, since they had their first date here, we wanted to pop in and capture a few images for them there. The folks at Bricco were very gracious about letting us hang out at the bar for a few minutes.

north-end-boston-engagement-session- first date at bricco leads to kissing portrait at the bar

A perfect afternoon all around. Really, there are tons more of amazing images. So if you can’t wait for their fall wedding at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral and the Charles Hotel, definitely check out their slideshow.

A Home Sweet Home Engagement

Hanging out with Amanda and Greg one June afternoon was an absolute blast. They so clearly adore each other and enjoy spending time together. They seem to mesh just so. Both working in PR and Greg consulting and speaking specifically on social media PR, it is very apropos that they first met online. Nope, not on Match or e-Harmony, but on Twitter. How absolutely perfect!

When we met up with them at their home on Long Island, we got to know them better and to see a bit of their life in this beautiful small town.

long-island-ny-engagement-session-home- back yard of bride and groom to be

We started at their home, where they had just finished re-landscaping. Everything looked amazing so we wanted to show off the house as well as the two of them.

long-island-ny-engagement-session-home- on the steps of porch of fiance


Sweet and sexy all at once.

long-island-ny-engagement-session-home- sexy and loving of bride and groom to be

Hanging out inside. The character of their home definitely shines through in this image.

long-island-ny-engagement-session-home- chilling inside their home, li

After a quick wardrobe change (Amanda wanted to capture the contrast between nicer clothes and a more casual environment), we walked over to their local park. A great place with evening concerts, weekend festivals and a museum.

long-island-ny-engagement-session-home- at a museum in the park my their home


long-island-ny-engagement-session-home- fiance statues

Loving the dreaminess of the reflection behind them and the steaminess of their moment.

long-island-ny-engagement-session-home- awesome reflection behind bride and groom to be

Among the grasses.

long-island-ny-engagement-session-home- through the grasses by a river in a park- fiance portrait

Enjoying the flowers.

long-island-ny-engagement-session-home- bride and groom in the flowers

So Greg’s one request was that we not use props. But then at the end of the shoot, we saw this ice cream truck. It wasn’t planned, but it was so bright colorful and "casual" that it had to be a part of our shoot. And besides, Amanda and I both wanted ice cream. :) Sorry, Greg.

long-island-ny-engagement-session-home- bride and groom by ice cream truck in the park; elegant dress in less elegant surroundings


long-island-ny-engagement-session-home- enjoying an ice cream- bride and groom to be portrait

Heat in the background and cool ice cream in the foreground. LOVE!

long-island-ny-engagement-session-home- cold in front, steamy behind- ice cream prop yumminess

A truly great day with tons of photos to share. Now we can’t wait for their wedding at the Liberty Hotel! In the meantime, I highly recommend checking out their slideshow for a few more of our faves.

Ayesha+Jon+Lucy=A Perfect Engagement

When Jon proposed to Ayesha, let’s just say she wasn’t expecting it. They were walking their pup, Lucy, along the Charles River and it was quite late at night. In fact, Ayesha said something to the effect of I am glad I don’t have anything valuable with me because they weren’t the only ones out that late. Jon just smiled to himself. Of course, they had nothing to fear with their beautiful giant French Mastiff Lucy by their side. So when he found the perfect spot, a dock along the river overlooking Cambridge, Jon popped the question. As you can imagine, Ayesha happily said yes!

For their engagement session, we knew two things. First, we had to find our way to that dock. And second, Lucy would have to make an appearance. So we started our foggy morning e-session at the river esplanade.

charles-river-boston-back-bay-engagement-session- bridge e-session ma

charles-river-boston-back-bay-engagement-session- park by water e-session massachusetts

charles-river-boston-back-bay-engagement-session- fiance e-session walking on bridge

I love how they hold hands.

charles-river-boston-back-bay-engagement-session- fingers holding hands e-session in mass

And we made our way from the bridges and green spaces to the infamous dock.


charles-river-boston-back-bay-engagement-session- bride and groom to be with river views

This one reminds me of cornfields, which in turns reminds me of the midwest. And since they met at Ohio State, I find it all very fitting.

charles-river-boston-back-bay-engagement-session- in a corn field- ohio

Lucy steals the show as we take her for a walk and some playtime in the Back Bay.

charles-river-boston-back-bay-engagement-session- family session with pup lucy

charles-river-boston-back-bay-engagement-session- comm ave session with dog- furkid

Along the beautiful tree lined path of Commonwealth Ave, a spot the family enjoys often. I love Lucy’s expression.

charles-river-boston-back-bay-engagement-session- bride and groom to be with their dog lucy on commonwealth ave

If you want more of Ayesha, Jon and Lucy’s Charles River engagement session and Back Bay family session, definitely check out their slideshow. So much fun!

Raindrops and Kisses

So this spring has been nothing if not rainy and dreary, but sometimes you make a go of it anyway. What comes out are some great photos and a really fun afternoon. So it was with Erica and Bill’s e-session. Erica didn’t want to wait any longer to do her engagement session; she and Bill were up for a little rain and wind. And the rest is history….


We met up at Fan Pier by the Boston courthouse, offering great views of downtown Boston even on this gray day and some absolutely beautiful flowering trees.

courthouse-fan-pier-boston-ma-spring-engagement-session- flowering trees erica and bill

Did I mentioned that it was windy and rainy? Not the whole time, but we certainly felt a few drops. Of course, that didn’t deter these two. Romantic, no?

courthouse-fan-pier-boston-ma-spring-engagement-session- a bit of rain and an umbrella by the boston harbor

And we had lots of laughs.

courthouse-fan-pier-boston-ma-spring-engagement-session- giggling and enjoying the moment

Love the contrast of stealy blue water and a soft tender moment.

courthouse-fan-pier-boston-ma-spring-engagement-session- snuggling by the boston harbor

Another smooch.

courthouse-fan-pier-boston-ma-spring-engagement-session- a kiss by the boston harbor and water views

Yup. Boston is beautiful. And I can almost hear the music they might be dancing to on the dock.

courthouse-fan-pier-boston-ma-spring-engagement-session- dancing with a view of downtown boston on a rainy day

courthouse-fan-pier-boston-ma-spring-engagement-session- the bridge to downtown boston

courthouse-fan-pier-boston-ma-spring-engagement-session- a barefoot kiss on the bridge to boston

The Barking Crab wall is one of my favorite spots. And on a gray day, the color is even more fun.

courthouse-fan-pier-boston-ma-spring-engagement-session- barking crab hotties

courthouse-fan-pier-boston-ma-spring-engagement-session- chilling by the childrens museum

So glad we ventured out in the not-so-perfect weather and were able to capture these of Erica and Bill. If you want to see a few more, check out their slideshow.

It Had to Be You

A few weeks back, before we had even a hint of spring, we ventured down to New York to meet up with Caitlin and Nick for their engagement session. Not many couples take us up on a winter e-session, but these two were up for enjoying a little fresh air and a beautiful wintery scene. That’s right, Manhattan offered up its best winter look, complete with fluffy flakes of snow. It was magical!


Another little bit of magic, is the story of how they met. Perhaps it is even a bit of movie magic, because they have a When Harry Met Sally story. (One of my all-time fave flix, by the way.) If they were sitting on a couch and recorded it, it would have fit in perfectly.

You see Caitlin and Nick both attended the same weekend music school for 3 years while they were in high school and never met. Nick saw Caitlin perform at their school, but they didn’t meet then either. They even have a photo from their class and they are separated by one row and they never met. Not until they attended a summer program in Colorado did they meet. They enjoyed dating for a few months, but they were headed in different directions for college and didn’t want to be long distance. They saw each other each summer, but they were still focusing on other things. That is until Caitlin took Nick out for his 25th birthday celebration. From that point on, there was no denying that these two were meant to be.

lincoln-center-engagement-session-ny-winter- bride and groom to be hug on streets of manhattan

lincoln-center-engagement-session-ny-winter- staing warm and snuggling in a city park- manhattan big apple i heart ny e-session

And really you can see what a perfect match they are for each other simply by watching how they look at each other.

lincoln-center-engagement-session-ny-winter- groom to be gazes at his fiance during e-session on the streets of manhattan

lincoln-center-engagement-session-ny-winter- smiling on a blustery e-session day in manhattan city park

lincoln-center-engagement-session-ny-winter- back in each other's arms for another photo during e-session in manahattan

lincoln-center-engagement-session-ny-winter- using the reflection of the skyscrapers in manhattan for cozy couple photo

Our session took us in and around Lincoln Center to capture their relationship and their connection to music.

lincoln-center-engagement-session-ny-winter- fiance's kiss at a favorite spot in manhattan

And when we got cold, we ventured inside to do a few more photos in their home.

lincoln-center-engagement-session-ny-winter- apartment penthouse manhattan home session

The session was a perfect mix, reflecting their lives, their relationship and their connection to the city. And I can’t imagine a more perfect time of year to do it!

Huge thanks to Caitlin and Nick for being so great to work with and for sharing your music with us! We truly can’t wait for your wedding!

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