boston-harbor-engagement-session-ma-summer-together on the harbor

Elaine + Wei: Engagement Session

Hearing so many great engagement stories recently, but the story of how Elaine and Wei met always brings a smile to my face. As a new parent, it’s nice to know that sometimes parents get things right, although perhaps they went about things in the wrong way. You see, Wei’s parents signed him up for an online dating site without his knowledge. They got some great responses, but didn’t really know what to do once they did. So they had to confess to Wei. He wrote to all of the women and apologized and explained what happened. He offered that if any had any questions they could follow up with him. Of those women, just one wrote back. Elaine in typical spunky style had sometime to say. From there, an amazing friendship formed. And then a romance. And then an engagement.

We wanted to tell this story and the story of their proposal, all of which happened at least in part along the waterfront near the Boston Harbor Hotel. Starting in Christopher Columbus Park by the North End

At Wei’s office, because communication was all via email (aka computer) initially.

And then by phone….

Which led to the meeting that led to their beautiful Crane Estate wedding.

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Arnold Arboretum Romance

While working on Eric and Vanessa’s wedding album, I was brought back to our first session together- their engagement session at the Arnold Arboretum this summer. It was so nice to have this chance to get to know them. When we first met, they had told me they weren’t terribly comfortable having their photos taken, but felt that photography was really important to them. I knew the e-session would be so important for us to get to know each other and to help them relax on their wedding day. So we took a bit of time enjoying the scenery, walking around, talking, laughing, and creating some truly beautiful photos of this lovely couple, all on a warm summer day. And of course, you should also check out how great their Crane Estate wedding was.


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Fabulous Fall Fun

Katie and Jamie’s wedding is this weekend at the Crane Estate and we couldn’t be more excited. I thought it would be perfect given that, and this divinely early autumn weather, to celebrate with a few images from their engagement session last year. They treated us to a tour of their Boston relationship- starting with the Starbucks where they met up before their first date, a walk down the streets of the Back Bay where they spent so much time, and a visit to the Charles River. We had a glorious day and even got to play in the leaves. Simply too much fun!

Appropriate start, no?!

You can see more from Katie & Jamie’s fabulous Boston fall engagement session in the Back Bay and along the Charles river here.


Larz Anderson + JP Licks = Perfect E-session Date

With Tamara and Stefanie’s wedding at the Tower Hill Botantical Gardens just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share the engagement photos of these two lovely ladies. We had been seeking an outdoor venue that allowed them to tap into their love of the natural world, but then also wanted some place where we could play with their love of food. So what did we choose? The always picturesque Larz Anderson Park in Brookline and the original JP Licks. I have to admit I love when food is included in a shoot, especially if it is something sweet, and I get a chance to hang out and enjoy said sweet treat with fun people post shooting. Such was the case with Tamara and Stefanie. It made for the perfect ending to a wonderfully fun, intimate and all around beautiful session.


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Sweet Library E-Session

As the weather turns downright HOT, I can’t help but think back to cooler, more lovely times. And thought that this e-session from last fall would be just the trick to drop the temperature and enjoy a bit of beauty and whimsy.

When talking with Mikayla and John about their e-session, they had tons of great ideas. We narrowed it down to a few that would give them meaning, diversity and playful fun, as well as include their gorgeous pup Ruby. We chose to start at Northeastern, where they met, and in the library because they spent hours there together during college. Then we took Ruby on a walk along the Fens, to grab some photos of the family and with the foliage as it was turning. Finally, we concluded at Sweet Boston for cupcake yumminess.

Enjoy and stay cool!

Want more, check out their slideshow! And this fall, we’ll celebrate their wedding at the Roger Williams Botanical Gardens in Providence. Can’t wait!


From James Bond to J. Crew to a Paddling Adventure

It’s not my fault. It’s really not. Honestly you’d be in this pickle too; if you had these two handsome gents, who are absolutely delightful together, as your subjects. Plus an adorable pup and a gorgeous backdrop. You wouldn’t be able to select a reasonable number of images to share. You would go overboard too. So as I said, it is not my fault.

Bruce and Brian invited us to their home in the north shore for this intimate engagement/family session, and Brian had so many ideas on how we could enjoy their space. He was so thoughtful and eloquent in his sharing. And each gent saw opportunities to highlight what they loved about the other. It was a really wonderful way to spend a morning.

Allow me to introduce you to Bruce, Brian and Gizmo….

We started the shoot with our couple in Brooks Brothers tuxes around the property.


James Bond moment.

Brian entertained us with a few tunes at the piano.

Gizmo’s eying that bird. He did not jump for it.

Hilarious. These two couldn’t decide what to wear. So many choices, nothing to wear. I feel like that on a regular basis.

When Brian proposed to Bruce (Bruce also proposed to Brian at a separate time on the same trip to Paris), Brian did so with this amazing book he put together. It covered the first ten years of their relationship together and ended with the question.

Love this ring shot while playing the piano together.

Bruce and Gizmo enjoying a snuggle.

Probably the coolest part of the shoot. B&B live on a large pond and have a canoe, so they suggested that we could do some photos of them in the canoe on the water. Dave immediately suggested we bring our kayak so that we could get away from the shore. Brian kept saying, “I can’t believe you have kayaks.” It was such a fun outing. Let the adventure begin.

And because the whole thing was just too fun, we handed a camera to Brian who took our photo as we worked…. well actually I worked, Dave paddled. I think I got the better deal.

We can’t wait for their wedding at the Tupper Manor in just a few weeks.


Art & Sea Engagement

You’ve seen the wedding, now see the engagement session. Soo Jin and Roger are one stylish couple and they picked two favorite San Francisco spots for their portraits. Starting off at the stunning Palace of Fine Arts (the only remaining building from the 1915 World’s Fair, and one damn fine piece of architecture) and then over to Chrissy Field (beach glorious beach, even on this SF-typical foggy day- I mean really, we couldn’t even see the Golden Gate Bridge for most of the session). Just days before the wedding, this e-session was a great way to warm up for the big day in Sonoma (or rather cool down before the warm weather in wine country). In either case, enjoy!

chrissy-field-palace-of-fine-arts-e-session-sf-ca-bride and groom to be san francisco

chrissy-field-palace-of-fine-arts-e-session-sf-ca- san fran engaged couple red dress

chrissy-field-palace-of-fine-arts-e-session-sf-ca- korean couple dancing in san fran- red dress

chrissy-field-palace-of-fine-arts-e-session-sf-ca- behind the flower

chrissy-field-palace-of-fine-arts-e-session-sf-ca- secy and snuggly

chrissy-field-palace-of-fine-arts-e-session-sf-ca- in front of the green door

chrissy-field-palace-of-fine-arts-e-session-sf-ca- bride and groom to be running and playing on the beach

chrissy-field-palace-of-fine-arts-e-session-sf-ca- foggy engagement sexiness

chrissy-field-palace-of-fine-arts-e-session-sf-ca- sweet and happy couple to be married

chrissy-field-palace-of-fine-arts-e-session-sf-ca- toes in the water

chrissy-field-palace-of-fine-arts-e-session-sf-ca- happiness hugs

You just gotta love these two. And so I am sure you need more. Check out their wine country wedding and their sonoma wedding portraits and reception.


Amanda + Ed in Cambridge

Just finished working on Amanda and Ed’s wedding album (check out the photos from their Copley Plaza wedding), and thought it would be fun to look back at our first session together. We had a blast wandering around Cambridge last summer- hung out on the steps of Harvard‘s library, enjoyed the city streets and Weeks Bridge, and ultimately found our way to John Harvard’s Brewery & Ale House, a favorite hang out and site of the rehearsal dinner for this duo.

cambridge-engagement-harvard- campus e session

cambridge-engagement-harvard- library steps e-session

cambridge-engagement-harvard- library columns e-session

cambridge-engagement-harvard- streets of cambridge e-session

cambridge-engagement-harvard- weeks bridge

cambridge-engagement-harvard- weeks footbridge e-session

cambridge-engagement-harvard- backlit sweetness e-session

cambridge-engagement-harvard- brew pub e-session

cambridge-engagement-harvard- john harvard brewery and alehouse rehearsal dinner and e-session

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Cherry Blossoms, Views and Dancing

Amy and Phil’s engagement session last spring brought together their passions for each other, for ballroom dance, for MIT, and for the beautiful cities of Cambridge and Boston. On a foggy day (rare for Boston) and with the cherry blossoms showing off their best color, Dave met up with Amy and Phil to capture these portraits for them.

charles-river-mit-engagement-session-cambridge-ma- bride and groom to be snuggling

charles-river-mit-engagement-session-cambridge-ma- enjoying the city view

charles-river-mit-engagement-session-cambridge-ma- hug from behind

charles-river-mit-engagement-session-cambridge-ma- dancing on the pier

charles-river-mit-engagement-session-cambridge-ma- walk in the fog

charles-river-mit-engagement-session-cambridge-ma- colorful duo

charles-river-mit-engagement-session-cambridge-ma- romance and smiles

charles-river-mit-engagement-session-cambridge-ma- cherry blossoms

charles-river-mit-engagement-session-cambridge-ma- spinning

charles-river-mit-engagement-session-cambridge-ma- ring shot through blossoms

charles-river-mit-engagement-session-cambridge-ma- on campus


If you would like to see more from Amy and Phil, check out their wedding blog entry 1 and 2, their engagement and wedding slideshows.