Pay It Forward

Thank You!

We feel truly fortunate to be able to do what we love and we know we are exceptionally lucky to be able to work with the amazing people we get to work with. So on this day of thanksgiving, we would like to extend a huge Thank You! to all of our clients, our friends, our family, our peers. You have made our lives rich beyond compare.

A few weeks ago, we asked you to help us give back to our community. By making comments on our blog in celebration of our 200th blog post, you have supported us. In turn, we are donating cans for each comment made during that time. We now have 49 cans (21 pictured- the rest are still in the big box) to give to our Food Bank. These will help people who have had a rough time of it, neighbors who are in need. Thank you so much for helping us help them.

Here’s to a healthy and happy holiday season!

Much love,
Jo & Dave

Comments for Cans!

Happy 200th Blog Post! In honor of this momentous occasion, we want to spread the word and send out lots of positive energy to the world.

Here’s how it works… For every new visitor who comes to our blog and leaves a comment – anywhere on our blog- preferably in the deep bowels of our blog- I promise I will find them…. For every person who adds a comment in the next 7 days (you have until Oct. 2 at 11:59 pm EST)- that’s 168 hours, or 10,080 minutes, or 604,800 seconds- we are going to donate a can to our local food bank.

So easy, you put a little note on our blog and we all make a difference in the world.

So go on, do it, do it now, help hungry people! Then spread the word, tell friends and family and they, too, can make a difference. It’s so, so easy.

The Thrill of Victory

Yesterday, Dave, Max, and I took a looonnnngggg walk to go see the Boston Marathon runners as they journeyed through Newton. Okay, I freely admit my our piddly 5 miles round trip is absolutely nothing compared to the 26.2 these folks ran. I was astounded by the diversity of people running, jogging, walking, rolling. And they were all so inspirational. Of course, I brought the camera with me to document a bit of the fun.

There were people of all ages, races, styles running. And some with great sense of humor- like this guy- and the guy who wore a hamburger and the girl who had pink bows on her shoes. Anything to keep yourself joyful as you run… And presumably these fun peeps brought joy to all those around them.


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Hair Love!

karen_chung_haircut_arlington salon

I’ve been wanting to do a hair donation for some time now. In the past I was either too impatient to let it grow or I was in an office setting where having hair that long just didn’t look professional. The organization I wanted to donate to, Pantene Beautiful Lengths, requires a minimum of 8″ and you need to leave a little on your head after the fact too so it does take a while to grow out, even for someone like me whose hair grows pretty fast.

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A Little Perspective…

Every once in a while someone (or a family of someones) comes along and puts everything into perspective. We had the opportunity to photograph such a family just after Christmas.
dad with two daughters- family portrait at christmas- boston suburbs

Michael was diagnosed with cancer last February. The strength and courage of the Chase family to perservere, to connect with others, and to remain positive is truly inspiring. I am so thankful that we had this chance to give back.

Get well soon, Michael! We’re pulling for you.

Click here to follow Michael’s progress.

Lick-Wilmerding Celebrates 20 Years with Al

Dr. Al Adams has guided Lick-Wilmerding High School (also known as the California School for Mechanical Arts) over the last 20 years. Last weekend, they celebrated his innovative headship with a smashing gala. The school raised over 1 million dollars in support of an endowed tuition fund named in Dr. Adams’ honor. On top of that amazing achievement, everyone had a great time.


Dr. Al Adams showing his appreciation for a superb video

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Derby Dazzle

We seem to have a fashion theme going on recently. And today’s topic is HATS!!! Yup, we got to indulge in some amazing hat photography this weekend.

While meeting with Barbara from The Log Cabin and Delaney House, she shared that she was coordinating a fundraiser for the Holyoke Merry Go Round with a Kentucky Derby theme. We thought that sounded like great fun, in addition to being a good cause, so we jumped at the opportunity to document the Derby Dazzle.

They already had the horses so all that was needed were some fashionable ladies wearing fashionable hats, a couple of races, betting, and prizes. All of which were in abundance at the event. The hats were stunning- from homemade to couture and everywhere in between. I loved the thought that went into so many of the choices. With bright colors, feathers, horses, and horseshoes, creativity inspired these stunning headpieces.

derby08_holyoke_Purple Hat at the Derby Dazzle

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