Vineyard Wedding

Soo Jin and Roger have style to last til the end of time, and planned an elegant wedding in Sonoma. I can’t imagine a more perfect backdrop than these vineyards and wineries with all of their romance. The skies were clear. The air was warm. And Soo Jin and Roger were so excited to tie the knot.

They both got ready at a private home with Roger and the boys taking over the main house, and Soo Jin and the ladies enjoying the guest house by the pool. Not a bad way to enjoy a destination wedding really.

Her dress and the view from her pad.

viansa-wedding-vineyard-sonoma-ca- brides wedding dress on a tree with view of fountain and vineyard- private estate

Roger primping and prepping.

viansa-wedding-vineyard-sonoma-ca- groom getting ready- private estate

The boys downed a shot of something- not sure what- but here’s how it went down. Hmmm….

viansa-wedding-vineyard-sonoma-ca- groomsmen reaction after drinking a shot by pool table

Meanwhile, Soo Jin was getting gussied up. Finishing touches on her dress.

viansa-wedding-vineyard-sonoma-ca- bride getting into her dress at private estate guest house

viansa-wedding-vineyard-sonoma-ca- brides jewelry- sexy pouty look

They decided to do a first look before their ceremony so that they could take portraits without time constraints at Viansa. Roger was peeking before he was supposed to. Who can blame him?

viansa-wedding-vineyard-sonoma-ca- bride and groom first look at private estate

He made up for it with kisses.

viansa-wedding-vineyard-sonoma-ca- groom kisses bride on shoulder

viansa-wedding-vineyard-sonoma-ca- under the oak tree with vineyards in teh back

viansa-wedding-vineyard-sonoma-ca- bridal party vanity fair shot

viansa-wedding-vineyard-sonoma-ca- bride walking up staircase

And then the ceremony began. It took place in the wine caves, lit by candles. Beautiful and romantic!

viansa-wedding-vineyard-sonoma-ca- ceremony trio music

viansa-wedding-vineyard-sonoma-ca- bride walking down the aisle with her dad- wine cave

viansa-wedding-vineyard-sonoma-ca- bride and groom celebrate their nuptials after the ceremony with a cheer

Clearly a happy couple! And more to come from sunset portraits and the reception fun.

Crazy Good Times

Romance + surprises + games = crazy good times for our bride, groom, their families, and their friends at this Look Park wedding.

Lindsay and Rob kicked off their wedding reception in the Garden House with an awesome first dance. Just the two of them at first….

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma-reception- bride and groom first dance

Then the kids joined in.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma-reception- flash mob first dance for bride and groom

And then more guests joined in with choreographed moves. And then more guests. A flash mob of awesome creation. And in the end, it was just Lindsay and Rob again. So fun!

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma-reception- back to solo dancing first dance fo bride and groom

Of course, Lindsay’s mom loved it and had to embrace her daughter.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma-reception- bride hugs her mom

Rob’s brother and best man entertained guests and Rob with one hell of a great speech.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma-reception- groom laughs heartily at brother's best man toast

It doesn’t hurt that he is actually a stand-up comic, but still he had his moments of seriousness.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma-reception- best man toast

Lindsay and her dad.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma-reception- bride dances with her dad- father daughter dance

Rob and his mom.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma-reception- mother son dance

Lindsay and her new step-son.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma-reception- adding step children- mother son dance for bride

And Lindsay’s parents enjoying the party. Really, everyone wanted to be on this dancefloor.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma-reception- mother and father of bride enjoy the party

And the whole family went up in the chair for the hora. First, Lindsay, then Rob…

Then their daughter and finally their son. He seemed to be enjoying this Jewish tradition.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma-reception- groom's son goes up in the chair for the horah

I love that Lindsay had a chance to dance with her girlfriends too.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma-reception- bride dances with girlfriends

The party was wild good times with dancing….

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma-reception- best man dances with girlfriend

And creative use of the game-inspired table names. (More on this bit of genious in a later blog post.)

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma-reception- guests get into the game theme

Congrats to Lindsay and Rob! A fabulous day to begin a fabulous marriage!

And many thanks to the wedding experts who made the whole day such a success:
Getting ready location: Ruby Meng from Hotel Northampton
Ceremony venue: Jill Larken from Look Park, Pines Theater
Reception site: Jill Larken from Look Park, Garden House
Wedding planner: Caroline Levin from Sweet Caroline Weddings
Dress boutique: Bridal Heirlooms
Gown designer: Demetrios
Bridesmaids dresses: Alfred Angelo
Groom’s suit: Hugo Boss
Groomsmen attire: Menswearhouse
Make-up: Karrie Welch
Ceremony musicians: Chari Peno from Con Fuoco Music
Entertainment: Tommy Plante from Hard At Play
Lighting: Jim Powers from CJC Event Lighting
Florist: Heather Sullivan from Durocher Florist
Caterer: Blue Heron Catering
Cake: Susan Forest from Royal Icings
Officiant: Rabbi Rachel Barenblat

Want more from Lindsay and Rob’s wedding? Check out their PicFlick.

Playtime in Look Park

When I met Lindsay and Rob about a year ago, I didn’t know them at all. They found us through Lindsay’s wedding gown boutique and came in because they liked what they had heard and saw. But all of that changed when we started to get to know each other. We quickly became friends. And really, if you met them, you would find them irrestibly fun and engaging too. They are easy to love- creative, talented, intelligent, so sweet on each other. I loved all of their stories. When they came over last winter to hang out, we played board games (an occupational hazard for them and a lot of fun for all of us). So when their wedding day arrived, it felt like we were going to the wedding of dear friends, and we wanted everything to be perfect for them. In truth, I think it was. So here’s a few of our favorites from their wedding day….

Dave popped by Rob’s room at the Hotel Northampton to see how things were going there. He and his son (aka ringbearer) were finishing getting ready. Loved the tailored suits and ties.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- groom and ring bearer prepare for wedding at hotel northampton

Meanwhile Lindsay was getting ready with the help of Rob’s little girl (aka flower girl).

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- bride and flower girl prepare for wedding at hotel northampton

Separately they made their way to the Pines Theater in Look Park, where they would enjoy a first look before the ceremony. Lindsay was so excited to see Rob she couldn’t wait, so she peeked out at him (his back was to her) from behind the bushes.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- bride sneaks a peek at her groom at pines pavillion

Then she walked out and made her way down to him.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- bride walks toward groom in pines pavilion

If you want to see a few more from this first look (which was sweet and fun), check out their sneak peek on our facebook page. Following the first look, we had a good bit of time to enjoy the park and create portraits. We started with a few in the theater. These glorious trees rise behind the stage.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- bride adn groom enjoy the a walk under the trees at the pines pavilion

Then made our way over to the kiddie train. We only had a quick moment here because there was a long line of visitors waiting for the train, but the bridal party was able to hop on quickly.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- fun bridal party photo on the kiddie train

There is some absolutely beautiful scenery in Look Park; one of my favorite spots is by this river.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- bride and groom kiss during portraits by the river

Playtime? Absolutely (and this is only the beginning).

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- bride enjoys the swing set at playground

A super sweet family portrait.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- MOB, FOB, bride and groom portrait- sweet family photo

Our ringbearer was hilarious.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- red tongued ringer bearer

Quick trip to mini-golf before the ketubah signing.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- old time family photo with mini golf

The guests have started to arrive and the kids couldn’t help but play with the bubbles in the field below the stage.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma-guest enjoys bubbles at wedding in pines theater

A strong embrace when Rob’s son arrives at the chuppah.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- groom hugs son before ceremony in pines theater

Rob’s daughter spreading rose petals for Lindsay to walk on.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- flower girl spreads petals as she walks down aisle in pines theatre

A grand entrance.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- bride and her parents entering the pines theater for the ceremony

So here’s the part where being a friend to the bride and groom can actually present challenges. Rob and Lindsay prepared beautiful and touching vows for each other. I couldn’t help myself; I was in tears, just like everyone else.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- guests in tears

After the vows.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- bride and groom hug after giving their vows

After the kiss and the glass stomp, Lindsay and Rob dashed off! It was like all of the pent up feelings of the day were released in a physical expression of energetic joy. (And Dave nearly got run over- too funny!)

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- celebrating their marriage

They were soon followed by the kids.


More to come from the second half of the day and all of their amazing details.


Black Swan Celebration

More from Amy and Phil’s wedding because there really were so many beautiful images. Their ceremony, for instance, spoke to the story of their relationship, with special mention of how Phil won over Amy. These personal touches brought smiles…

black-swan-cc-wedding-highrock-church-arlington-ma- groom during ceremony

and tears…

black-swan-cc-wedding-highrock-church-arlington-ma- bride during ceremony

And laughter as Phil wiped away Amy’s tears.

black-swan-cc-wedding-highrock-church-arlington-ma- groom wipes tears of bride during ceremony

They also took the opportunity to hold each others’ hands during the ceremony.

black-swan-cc-wedding-highrock-church-arlington-ma- bride and groom holding hands during ceremony

And sealed it with a kiss.

black-swan-cc-wedding-highrock-church-arlington-ma-6 bride kisses groom during ceremony

Lots of smiles and cheers as they exited the church.

black-swan-cc-wedding-highrock-church-arlington-ma bride and groom all smiles as leave church following ceremony

After family portraits and a tea ceremony at the church, we continued to the Black Swan Country Club, where they would host their reception. They wanted a few more portraits on the golf course, so we started with those.


The stone wall separating the greens is very New England.

black-swan-cc-wedding-highrock-church-arlington-ma- bride and groom portraits on golf course

Loving the reaction of the bridal party to this kiss.

black-swan-cc-wedding-highrock-church-arlington-ma- bride and groom on golf course for portraits with bridal party

Inside, Amy changes so she would have just the right outfit for their first dance, a beautifully choreographed number. Of course, that also meant opportunities for portraits of the couple prior to their entrance.

black-swan-cc-wedding-highrock-church-arlington-ma- bride and groom portraits in dance attire prior to reception

Practicing alone.

black-swan-cc-wedding-highrock-church-arlington-ma- bride and groom practicing first dance

As they were being introduced, the bridesmaids and groomsmen had a special dance of their own for Amy and Phil.

black-swan-cc-wedding-highrock-church-arlington-ma- bridal party sending wishes of joy and love to bride and groom prior to their introduction and entrance

Oh the fun moves in this dance. Spinning…

black-swan-cc-wedding-highrock-church-arlington-ma- bride spins during first dance

and lifting.

black-swan-cc-wedding-highrock-church-arlington-ma- groom lifting bride during first dance

After the Best Man’s toast which spoke to all of the things that make Phil, Phil; he was in full smile mode.

black-swan-cc-wedding-highrock-church-arlington-ma- groom thanks best man for toast during reception

Taking his mom for a spin.

black-swan-cc-wedding-highrock-church-arlington-ma-groom dances with mom

Finally the cake cutting. Gotta love this little sweet treat which was situated on top.

black-swan-cc-wedding-highrock-church-arlington-ma- bride and groom kiss over their cake

All around a beautiful day and kudos go to all of the professionals who helped make it such:
Getting ready location: the Liberty Hotel
Ceremony venue: Myca Wherlie from High Rock Arlington Church
Reception site: Caryl Nansel of Black Swan Country Club

Wedding gown: Maggie Sottero
Bride’s hair: Joe from Hair Adventure
Bride’s make-up: Veronica Shin
Groom’s attire: Men’s Warehouse
Cake: Cakes! Bakery
Floral design: Myca Wehrli from Whirly Girl Flowers
Uplights: Paul Therrien from Boston Uplights

Want more? Check out their slideshow.

Liberty Peek: Amy & Phil

Wow! It has been awhile since I have written on the blog. I am hoping to get back on track and I can’t think of a better way to start than with a super fabulous getting ready session at the Liberty Hotel, followed by portraits at the Liberty and around Beacon Hill, and a ceremony at High Rock Church in Arlington. I just finished working on the design of Amy and Phil’s album, so the photos and all of the fun are fresh in my mind, as well.

To kick things off, here’s a ring shot, utilizing the Liberty’s awesome keys.

liberty-hotel-wedding-prep-boston-ma- ring shot- jail key and rings

Up in the bridal suite as Amy was getting ready, I took the opportunity to capture a few of her dress. Loving the view she had. She got to look at the beautiful Boston skyline the whole time she was getting her hair and make-up done.

liberty-hotel-wedding-prep-boston-ma- wedding gown with view of city and charles river

Before Amy went down to see Phil for the first time on their wedding day, her bridesmaids surrounded her and offered a prayer for her.

liberty-hotel-wedding-prep-boston-ma- bridesmaids surround bride with prayer

On one of the balconies, Phil took a deep breath as he awaited his first look of Amy.

liberty-hotel-wedding-prep-boston-ma- groom and boutonniere

A sweet moment when first they saw each other. The light and shape of the windows in the Liberty offered a beautiful backdrop and opportunity for this silhouette.

liberty-hotel-wedding-prep-boston-ma- bride and groom first look with jail windows and geers in backdrop- silhouette

We had the bridal party all together so played around with the levels a bit.

liberty-hotel-wedding-prep-boston-ma- bride and groom on balconies with bridal party- bridesmaids and groomsmen

In the lobby, a portrait of Amy.

liberty-hotel-wedding-prep-boston-ma- bride in the lobby with asian decor behind her

After a few in the hotel, Dave took Amy and Phil out to the streets of Boston, Beacon Hill to be specific.

liberty-hotel-wedding-prep-boston-ma- bride and groom in beacon hill

And along the way they ran into the Bruins‘ celebration. Amy and Phil just happened to be getting married on the day of the BruinsStanley Cup victory parade, which also happened to be taking place right next to where they were getting ready. It presented some challenges for the day, but also some super fun opportunities.


The streets also offered up a perfectly placed Coke truck.

liberty-hotel-wedding-prep-boston-ma- bride and groom with coke sign behind them- portraits in beacon hill

When they finished with the Boston portraits, everyone headed to the church for the ceremony.

liberty-hotel-wedding-prep-boston-ma-bride and father of bride about to enter church

Proud dad with a very happy bride.

liberty-hotel-wedding-prep-boston-ma- bride and dad walking down the aisle

More to follow soon from the rest of the ceremony, portraits and the reception at Black Swan Country Club.

Love at Bar Lola

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming…. Yup that’s right. You already saw these two get married, or at least the beginning of the wedding festivities, so while you are waiting for the final installment, I thought I would share a few from their super fun engagement session. They took us through their old stomping grounds of Boston’s beautiful Back Bay and then to the Charles River.

We started at Bar Lola, infamous for their first date and many others after that. The bartender knew them by name, knew their favorite drinks, even knew what to song to play for them. In fact, that first date ended with dancing right about here….


Since they used to live in the Back Bay, they spent time all around Commonwealth Ave. And it is perfect for photos.



As we made our way to the Charles River, we couldn’t help but enjoy this picturesque neighborhood.


More dancing.



Enjoying the view.


And a few more in the city they love…



If you want more from their engagement session, definitely check out the slideshow.

And now we return to our regularly scheduled programming. More from Janette & Wes’ Very Boston Wedding at the Trinity Church, Public Gardens and Fairmont Copley Plaza to follow soon.

The Scoop: Anna & Johnny

Oh boy, it’s been a crazy summer and I am just getting back to sharing more from Anna and Johnny‘s beautiful wedding. My apologies for the delay, but let met tell you, these two are totally worth the wait!

Picking up where I left off, a few portraits outside the Greek Orthodox Church where they held their ceremony. So sweet.


And with their super cool vintage car.


Then we all headed up to the Lake View Pavillion in Foxboro, where they were hosting their reception. What an absolutely beautiful site. Situated amongst the trees and overlooking a lake. So of course we wanted a few more with Anna and Johnny.


The reception started and was absolutely full of joy. One of my favorite moments…. The best man was just about to make his toast. He had set his glass down so he could hold his notes and told the ringbearer to keep an eye on it for him. The ringbearer took his duty very seriously.


This was the toast in which I learned that our Paisano groom wasn’t Italian. I mean, how was I to know? He owned a pizza restaurant at one point. Oh the disillusionment.


Dancing with her dad.


Such a fun celebratory tradition, the Greeks throw money at the bride and groom, as well as during the parent dances. Here Anna’s twin sister showers Anna and her dad.


Family hug to follow. Love!


And even though Johnny’s not Greek, he gets the full treatment. I think his mom likes it.


Lots more dancing!


Getting down with his sister.


Anna’s sister dances for her.


As does her dad.


Yup. I am enamored with this little guy. He really is just too cute.


We closed the evening with a little relaxation in the lounge.


What a day! What a night! What fun all around! Huge congrats to Anna and Johnny and your families. It was an absolute joy to photograph your wedding day.

And special thanks to all of the amazing professionals who helped make the day a success:
Getting ready venue: Joy Lubrano of the Providence Biltmore Hotel
Ceremony site: Assumption of the Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Church
Reception venue: Terry Memmo of Lake View Pavilion
Make-up: Dani Wagner
Hair: Cristina Vasilakos/Jana Rago from Acote Hair Salon Newbury Street
Bride’s gown: Maria Spyridopoulos from Sabella Couture
Bridesmaids’ dresses: Terry’s Bridal, designed by Jordan
Groom and groomsmen suits: Tim from Miltons, Chestnut Hill
Flowers: Desi of Whispers of Spring
Cake: Montilio’s Bakery
Videography: Steve and kathy Horemiotis of S&H Videography
Limousines: Christopher Limousines
DJ: Kostas Blathras of Hellenic Sound
Ceremony musicisans: Michael Monte of Allegro Chamber of Music
Invitations: Crosstown Press

If you want more, definitely check out their PicFlick.

Junior Super Hero

Junior is growing up and his family is simply growing. He has a new sister now. Of course, that meant a great chance to document his family and the ways it is changing. We joined them for a Sunday morning at their home.

First off, meet our superhero. Very serious.

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- super hero portrait

And he climbs trees.

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- little boy climbing tree

He can wrestle them (or hug them).


And he can fly.

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- flying from the tree

He loves being with his family.

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- traditional portrait but with personality

He watches over his little sister (or at least that’s what I like to call it).

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- checking out his new sister

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- little boy holds new sisters hand

She’s a cute little gal.

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- sweet sleeping baby


family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- tiny bits of a baby

And sweet coy smiles.

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- a coy look from baby girl

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- naked baby cuteness

A few more… did I mention that Junior didn’t really like to sit still? Yup, not so much. His dad was having fun playing with him.

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- dad wrangles the 4 year old boy

A recurring look on his face. Hilarious!

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- little boy with his family for a photo

Want more from our super hero session? Check out their slideshow here.

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