Growing Family in New Digs

For this family, change was part of their DNA. First the couple added their beautiful baby boy to the mix. Then they moved into a new home in Belmont, which they had custom designed. So when all of the changes were complete, it was time to have their portraits made in their new home.

The home offers amazingly beautiful light from oversized windows. We, of course, took advantage of that.

belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- home photo session

belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- windowlight stairwell at home

belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography-kisses for the baby

A few tidbits… hands.

belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- hands of baby


belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- baby toes and feet


belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- baby touche and thighs and feet and toes

This little guy is a big ham. Such cuteness.

belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- baby sucking finger

Smiles for his mom.

belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- with mom all smiles, baby flying in the air

I wonder what he is thinking.

belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- baby with dad in their loft by bricks

Smiles with his dad.

belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- baby and dad smiling in loft space of hoouse- brick background

The many faces of our boy.

belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- mass cute baby

belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- massachusetts uncertain baby

belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- metro west baby

Mom and dad are into really cool old cars. It’s important to pass on the love.

belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- dad sharing love of cars with baby

Not so sure.

belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- baby confused about cars

belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- family and their love of cars

One last image… one of my faves. Weighing the baby.

belmont-family-portrait-wellesley-children-photography- baby in the scale

I really can’t get enough of this little guy and his parents. We had so much fun hanging out, celebrating all their new adventures.

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